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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by F328GTS, Apr 3, 2005.

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    Who would have predicted this at the start of the season?

    Constructors Championship
    1 Renault 36
    2 Toyota 25
    3 McLaren 19
    4 Williams 13
    5 Red Bull Racing 12
    6 Ferrari 10

    Have the new rules stitched Ferrari up, or have we really fallen that far behind during the close season?
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    Nov 9, 2004
    Bernie told the boys to cool it, look the rules change next year and Ferrari are so out in the front they are ruining the sport and making the alternative F1 Manufacturers deal look good to many teams that have not signed up with Bernie yet. Ferrari are playing a game, look at what the implications would be for Bernie if Ferrari romp it again, they are already tied to Bernie for the next 10 years in a £100m deal paid to them to sign up. Williams, McLaren etc have not done so yet, most have not, Bernie is offering them less money to sign.

    There is to be a deal done sooner or later and Bernie wants things to stay the same, F1 teams want change, Bernie wants more qualifying, F1 teams want better qualifying. Times they will be a changing.

    Guys heres the point; Ferrari are already working on their 2006 car; the possibilities are that we will be looking at a new engine, possibly bored out 3 cylinder Flymo double overhead cam; the new car rules will probably say no front wing and no rear wing and no tyres on the car to slow down cornering speeds as Sid is retiring and fewer fatalities than those suffered each season will keep F1 costs down. By the way, launch control is legal provided scrutineer can not detect it with MS XP HOME EDITION.

    Got it, Politics win every season, Ferrari will make a fight of it once Williams and McLren sign up, possibly right at the end = sand bagging - no such thing.

    Your F1 fan

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