F355 Transmission Resistance

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    Ralph Cacace
    I have a 1996 F355 Sypder with 6 speed manual. When first staring the car, the transmission resists going into any gear from 1st gear. With cold weather, it takes a long time to be able to put the transmission in the gears. That would imply that the gear oil is the wrong type. Any suggestions?
  2. Qavion

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    Ian Riddell
    It could still be an adjustment problem. I've had a problem where it was harder to select some gears when the car warmed up. You need someone sitting in the car selecting all gears and have another person tweaking the settings.

    My oil was new and recommended (Redline 75W90NS with a few capfuls of Redline friction modifier). Don't use Redline "ShockProof". The manufacturer doesn't recommend it for the F355.

    Of course, there could be other problems. Sagging engine mounts have been known to cause problems with gearchanges.
  3. mrknowitallf40

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    Switching back to the oem fill would be a good first step.
  4. yelcab

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    Mitchell Le
    Change oil first, then mess with the adjustment at the bottom of the engine after.
  5. Mitch Alsup

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    DO the oil change first,
    do the adjustment second,
    If these don't fix the problem, you could be looking at synchronizers in the tranny.
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    James Moran
    Just pretend it’s an F1 and hulk smash it into 2nd, it’ll go :D
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    First item to check are the engine mounts.
    Bad mounts can cause a rather troublesome shift. If the fluid in the gearbox is the correct spec, it will not be your issue. After the mounts are replaced, reset the shift adjustment as needed. If you are not familure with how to do this, pay to have it done. A miss adjusted shifter can cause a few expensive issues.
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    And its no fun to drive

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