F40 PPI/Pre-purchase inspection in Europe

Discussion in '288GTO/F40/F50/Enzo/LaFerrari' started by 599_GTO, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. 599_GTO

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    Mar 7, 2018
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    Dear fellow F40 enthusiasts and owners,

    I would be grateful for any suggestions on reliable experts to assess/inspect/validate potential on market F40s in Germany and the UK.

    I have not identified a car but do want to be prepared if something enticing comes along.

    Many thanks!
  2. greyboxer

    greyboxer F1 World Champ

    Dec 8, 2004
    South East
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    UK: DK / Houghton / Autoficcina - maybe others up north
  3. 599_GTO

    599_GTO Karting

    Mar 7, 2018
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    Hi Jimmie,

    Thanks a lot... 0-60 response time indicates you bleed Ferrari red! As the guys you suggested tend to sell their own inventory however, would they really take an interest in assessing a car from another dealer for me?
  4. ross

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    Mar 25, 2002
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    sent you a pm
  5. tomgt

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    Feb 22, 2004
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    Tom Wiggers
    PM me
    Two cars available. Low km
    Pristine condition.
  6. joe sackey

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    May 23, 2006
    Southern California
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    Joe Sackey
    Yes, they should.

    That said, if you are looking for an experienced, impartial & unbiased opinion, I can think of at least 2 independent specialists in Europe who have been familiar with the cars for years, and who and will travel to inspect, test-drive and issue you with a written reports.

    Also, many of the authorized Ferrari SpA concessionaires will accept an F40 which they have no affiliation with, for purposes of a comprehensive inspection and issuance of a report.

    Thoroughly inspected each F40 tells a different story.

    Feel free to reach out directly for further infirmation.
  7. Albert-LP

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    Sep 1, 2010
    around Modena, Italy
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    Germany and UK are too far from me (and I don't know the market), but if there is to check (or to find) an F40 in Italy, I'm here. I will use a Maranello based famous shop as support for the inspection.

  8. 599_GTO

    599_GTO Karting

    Mar 7, 2018
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    Alberto, thank you so much. If an Italian car comes up in discussions, I will certainly send you a message. Many thanks indeed!
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  9. Marcel Massini

    Marcel Massini F1 World Champ

    Mar 2, 2005
    No fewer than four (4) F40's available for sale at this weekend's Auto e Moto D'Epoca Classic Car Show in Padova, Italy.

    Marcel Massini
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  10. 599_GTO

    599_GTO Karting

    Mar 7, 2018
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    Hi Marcel,

    This sounds like a missed opportunity, although I imagine all of these F40's are those advertised on the open market.
    If not, definitely a missed opp! Any you thought were truly special?


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