430 F430 1st gear/2nd gear radio = 14.13/9.28= 1.52

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    so that means: if you are driving on 2nd gear at 5000 RPM and want to down shift , the rpm after downshift won't be over the rev limiter

    however, i found myself unable to downshift to 1st gear from 2nd gear if i am at around 5000rpm .

    at first I thought it is a f1 pressure issue, i.e. at the moment of downshifting, i happened to have reached the lowest of the f1 pressure thus unable to shift. Alas, that's not the case, as i tested with my leonardo hooked.

    i am guessing either it is a feature of the TCU ( 251619) or my gearbox/f1 system had a problem?

    can someone confirm this?
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    I’d assume that’s a safety system in place that’s relatively high in rpm to downshift in any gear let alone first. Is there a reason you need to down shift to first? First is really only for a rolling gear

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    um, as I calculated, from 5000pm 2nd gear to 1st, it will result in 7500rpm or so, so no, it is not high enough, not even close

    my 360s do that just fine.

    I do that for fun. Its just a car.


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