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F430 Gearbox models might be really different

Discussion in '360/430' started by mtradwan, Nov 23, 2020.

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  1. mtradwan

    mtradwan Rookie

    Feb 19, 2017
    its a 2007 f430 with a CFC231 TCU,
    this is the story car came for a F1 inspection and a Clutch replacement, we have done more than 15 in the past years, for f430 , however this car is a real challenge.

    post checkup
    clutch wear was 100%
    slipping during TO, full clutch bite at 2500 rpm
    slipping during hard driving
    amber slowdown light comes on intermediately and goes away
    Gearbox warning illuminates sometimes comes on for a few seconds
    F1 pump cycles every 30 seconds
    F1 pump priming time 15 seconds
    Accumulator pressure 52 Bar

    this is a typical case of a failed F1 hydraulic system and a bad clutch....

    what was done:
    New F1 pump
    Full Power unit overhauling
    Full actuator overhauling
    new Accumulator
    new clutch
    new bearing
    new sensor
    new magnet for the sensor

    F1 hydraulic system passed all tests pump cycles every 4 Min
    Pump primes in 3 seconds
    Accumulator pressure 52 Bar

    now the interesting part:
    after self learning and the all the other steps for a clutch change the car will not shift into gear.
    the engine will start as if all is good, the parameters were set as following and the same as what was before

    auto calibrated CCP 19.3 (cant change this)
    Pis 4.1
    new clutch wear 2%

    the bearing is observed though the clutch sensor little opening on the gear box and the bearing is moving when selecting a gear, but no gear is selected at the fork.
    when changing the PIS to a whopping 10 the gear will shift but since that value is crazy high the TCU will not store it meaning that once u switch off the ignition the value will return to the max (5.1mm)

    when checking the EVF current it goes to 3.5V at pis 5mm and 3.8 at 10mm pis
    (all solenoids were checked passes the tests) EVF was also swapped with a new one

    when looking more into the matter the gear box S/N number is in the 9xxxx series which to my knowledge is for the newer f430 2008+ with the cfc301

    The owner doesn't know if it was replaced or not as he has just bought the car for a great bargain...

    my question is since the deference seems to be that the clutch and bearing configuration is slightly ~5mm or so off could the new Gearbox have a slightly modified geometry and a ECU to match it?

    if u look into the parts diagram theirs a crazy amount of TCU variation for the F430 and its limited to the Gearbox and assembly number ranges.

    I dont have a CFC301 on hand to test.
  2. 24000rpm

    24000rpm F1 Rookie

    i think you got the wrong direction
    all of that gearbox config or TCU are irrelevant to your problem.
    Sounds like, maybe an "air in the system" issue

    and, you can't use cfc301 on a cfc231 car. The wirings are all different
  3. mtradwan

    mtradwan Rookie

    Feb 19, 2017
    no air in the system, thats for sure.
    I hate it when I take the wrong direction....
    you're right with the wiring harness I thought it was to do with the instrument cluster Digitec and the new one what ever its called.

    just got feedback with the Transmission S/N from the Ferrari Dealer its the correct one for the car.
    installed the TCU to the another f430 and same problem so it seems to be the TCU is acting up...very interesting

    Ill need a CFC231 Euro TCU... would the US version work? I understand might lose the LC option anything else...

    there was a way bosch BMW and Audi ECUs can be returned to virgin state anyone heard of a away to do it with Magnet Marrelli?
  4. 24000rpm

    24000rpm F1 Rookie

    #4 24000rpm, Nov 23, 2020
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2020
    The CFC201 tcu is actually flashable. Don't need to go to virgin state. I am not sure about the CFC231
    I'd think the cfc231 US version would work on euro version, but it could act up.

    I once installed a cfc231 into a cfc301 car and it worked but loses the rev-match for each gear I was changing.

    If your tcu is a new one, you need sd3 or leonardo to "initialize" it, i think its called "deise process" or something like that. Its a button in the diagnostic computer. Without the initialization process, its like a dead TCU.

  5. vrsurgeon

    vrsurgeon F1 World Champ
    Silver Subscribed

    Dec 13, 2009
    Charleston, SC
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    Convert it to a manual. Problem solved. ;)
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  6. catdog

    catdog Formula Junior

    Aug 18, 2010
    Hahaha that's what I did...
    My F1 started acting up and Ferrari dealer couldn't diagnose problem after doing all the usual and spending a month there...
    Now no more worries about the transmission and clutch wear is modulated by my left foot
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