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    Nick Yim
    There is a whole list of exhaust components from Tubi for the F50, from the header to tube-only silencer. Can someone share their experience with the system? Can you just put say the silencer or the s pipe? I am a little confused about the different components available. I do think the F50 sound can be improved, especially compared to the CS. Any advise on this subject will be greatly appreciated.
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    Chris Parr
    I may be corrected on this but, the Tubi system can include headers, a test pipe (replaces the catalytic converter) and the muffler assembly.

    Most owners replace the factory muffler. If you are in an area that does not do emissions testing, you can install the test pipes. If you want maximum performance and you wallet is a bit too fat, buy the headers.

    My F40 has 2 muffler options from Tubi, a Sport exhaust that is actually a muffler and a Competition exhaust that is just straight pipes and VERY loud (this is what I use 100%).

    I do not know if Tubi has more than one system available for a F50 and again, there may be more pieces that I am not aware of, in any case, you will love your F50 with a Tubi!

  3. 0UTXLR8

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    And so will people like me who will hopefully get to hear some sound clips. :D
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    I own the UK importer for Tubi Style (can North American guys please contact Franc and Lou at TubiStyle USA) and we have supplied and been responsible for the fitment of a few F50s. F50s and their options are SOOO special they deserve a proper response.

    You've got the following options:
    For the manfiolds: 1. Tubi Style Sport Manifolds.
    For the Cats: 2. Tubi Test Pipes OR silenced test pipes.
    For the Silencers: 3. Conventional Tubi sport muffler OR Tubi only-tube exhaust.

    The key decision is whether or not to buy the only-tube exhaust as opposed the Tubi muffler.

    The only-tube exhaust is WILD. (it's also cheaper than the Tubi mufflers). To my memory it weighed something like 11kg in TOTAL - both sides! It is pretty agricultural sound at idle and extremely loud at high rpm... IMO it is best purchased as part of a complete system with manifolds and unsilenced test pipes. Fitted by itself on a cat car with stock manifolds it is very deep and sounds less like F1 and more like a Le Mans car with a distinct rasp. You can see pictures of one fitted on my website - look under Ferrari owners section and there's a blurry pic taken outside my office.

    The conventional tubi muffler CAN be purchased by itself as a singular item - it sounds truly beautiful - a smooth deep note at low rpm turning into a howling F1 noise at high rpm. This can be fitted by itself with excellent results. It looks lovely in the engine bay, is lighter than stock and that noise.... ooohh

    The manifolds are a sensational work of art. Tuned for performance, beautiful and double walled (yes - pipe in pipe) - they take AGES to build and Tubi Style are VERY proud of them. Unlike the stock manifolds there are no catalytic converters in Tubi manifolds - as such there is no point retaining cats if you change the manifold and no point buying test pipes if you keep the stock manifold IMO.
    Silenced cat-replacement pipes - no point.

    If you purchase either silencer option *WITH unsilenced test pipes AND manifolds* the results are ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE.
    This is the closest ANY car will EVER get to F1 noises on the road. I know because I've heard it. The only-tube exhaust with test pipes and Tubi Manifolds is LITERALLY F1... Literally. UNBELIEVABLE.
    The normal tubi mufflers with the manifolds and test pipes is only a touch quieter but more refined with a "cleaner" exhaust note (especially at idle/low rpm) and note quite so frightening at high rpm but still AWESOME.

    My F50?? I would get definitely get the manifolds (worth every penny), unsilenced test pipes and only-tube exhaust.

    On my website there is a video of an F50 with stock manifold and cats with the only-tube exhaust... slightly odd configuration (but very cheap). YimN drop me a PM if you want more info.
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    I have a semi-complete system in stock. I have used headers used by-pass pipes and new mufflers. I can acquire the s pipes no problem. Everything Manu said is true and the only reason we have the used headers is the new customer wanted everything original on his F50, so we put it back to stock and bought the headers back. The headers have ~2500 miles on them.

    PM me if you have any questions.

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    John Temerian
    I have the only Tubi US STRAIGHT ENDS in the world! It was a one off made by Tubi and i have the mufflers. I will post pictures! It has only 1000 miles.

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    lol, you can hear my stock exhaust on pgr2
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    What is pgr2? I'd love to hear clips.
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    haha, its and x-box video game
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    aha I feel dumb now. Project Gotham Racing 2

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