F599 after market front parking sensors

Discussion in '612/599' started by gabyazar, Jul 6, 2016.

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    Nov 27, 2015
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    Gaby Azar

    My 599 came with rear sensors only; has anyone added after market front sensors to theirs, and if so, is it possible to interface them with the on board schematic by using a new harness, updated software, etc.?
    Any input is appreciated! Thanks,
  2. vitajojo38

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    I would like to buy a 599 but as written by Gabyazar, the car hasn’t the front parking sensors.
    As anybody got information about the possibility to interface it with the on board diagram ?
    Thanks in advance for your answers
  3. Zbaroom

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    I wouldn't bother really. the original ones I have keep failing and causes all type of errors with other systems. I am guessing aftermarket ones will be the same if not worse. save yourself the hustle.
  4. bamaman

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    B.J. Lyon
    You can see in front, so pay attention to curbs etc. and front sensors nay not be needed. My 599 has rear sensors which are critical because as we know the rear view is a bit obscured.
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  5. Da Butcher

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    Jose Marie Alandy
    Before my current '11 HGTE 599 which has both F/R sensors, I drove an '07 GTB with only the rear sensors and often scraped the front bumper on curbs, etc., due to its lower stance. I inquired about adding the front sensors from my friendly Ferrari Service Manager and he stated it could be done by buying the front sensor kit from Ferrari parts stores. They can modify the front bumpers and reprogram the Parking ECU.

    However from my experiences with my '11 HGTE's front sensors, they can be a PITA because of their sensitivity (they pick up objects about three feet away) and they beep every time you come to a stop. Likewise, their ECU's contain errors I believe which make them beep constantly sometimes even though there's nothing in front or beside the front bumper! The rear sensors are programmed just right IMHO.

    Apart from the sensor's single defeat button on the driver's console, there is a F/R sensor full defeat feature on the dashboard display (via dashboard and steering wheel selection buttons) if you get tired of its errors, but that would defeat its purpose and use.

    So I've just learned to not mind the beeping because it only takes one heart-sinking "crunch" and crumple of the F/R bumpers to make an owner weep due to the cost of proper repairs!
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    John Zornes
    Pretty much my experience too. On occasion my system will randomly fail to detect things as well. At best, it is 60% or so
  7. Zbaroom

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    May 27, 2012
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    To continue the thyme, i have one failed front sensor and need replacement.

    anyone tried this sensor?

    i don't want to spend more than that for a sensor that I will need to replace in about 12 month again.
  8. brogenville

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    Apr 24, 2012
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    On the 612, the parking sensors ecu has the ability to be set up for front or rear sensors. You would need to get the proxy file for the correct setting though. Something that could be done with an SD3 i expect. You’ll need wiring too of course, and I’m not sure how much of this will be pre-installed.

    One curious thing is that I used to get spurious faults with my rear parking sensors all the time- they would just start continuously beeping as soon as I engaged reverse regardless of any obstacles. Wouldn’t happen all the time though. Interestingly though, it’s never happened since i converted from F1 to manual. The rear sensors are activated based on a signal from the TCU in F1 cars, so I wonder if this is causing grief for the parking sensors ecu?

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