Fabspeed Sports Manifold.

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    Apr 4, 2018
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    David Officer
    Hi all

    I took the plunge and decided to replace the headers before they cracked on the F430. I did a lot of shopping about looking at the internet reading reviews and between Top speed, Agency and Fabspeed, I decided to go with Fabspeed from America. They arrived well packaged and I was over the moon with the fabrication results.
    I spent all day Friday removing the old Mark Two headers, Between Fabricating spanners, different size socket sets and an unlimited amount of cuts to my arms and hands I finally managed to get the Old headers Off. Their is 1 nut on each header that is a night mare to remove 2 hours of Pain completing this.
    I decided to wrap the new Headers with Titanium black wrap, this is also a nightmare, thankfully I had taken the precaution to use a dust mask and gloves as the fibers that came off the wrap had me scratching for the next two days. 3 Rolls of 45 feet and approx. 50 metal stainless steel tyraps. required to complete this.
    The new headers were fitted and torqued to the correct 25Nm all with in an hour, Fabspeed have left loads of room to get sockets onto the nut fixings. Only one nuts as a slight pain on the right hand header but 5 mins and I had it installed. I also had to replace all six bolts between the headers and Cats as they all snapped on removal. These didn't come in the kit from Fabspeed.

    I started the car and as expected the headers smoked for about 30 mins.

    The Noise is a lot louder than standard, changing up and down is amazing. At low revs noise you wouldn't know the header is non stock. But Open it up and you cant stop smiling real F1 noise.
    I'm really Happy I decided to change to FABSPEED headers and the results were well worth the Pain and 8 hours of my life to change them.

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    Mark Thompson
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  3. A348W

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    Jun 28, 2017
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    They look nice! And thanks for the tip re gloves doing wrap. On my list to do this winter on my test pipes.
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    Aldous Voice
    You shouldn't have used washers - it looks like the studs aren't long enough to grab onto the self locking part of the nut.
  5. I FLV

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    Apr 4, 2018
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    David Officer
    Picture was taken before I torqued the nuts they are all slack in the photo

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