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    Hey Guys,
    Phil from Fabspeed here.
    We just completed the the Full Fabspeed exhaust on this beautiful 488 Pista.
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    First, Have built the Valvetronic exhaust:
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    Ferrari 488 Valvetronic Exhaust System; close the valves for neighborhood-friendly cruising volume or open the valves to unleash the full roar of the Ferrari Twin Turbo V8 while adding significant horsepower and throttle response. The best design feature is our "X PIPE" for the 488 and soon F8 Tributo that adds dynamic ripping exotic sports car sound.

    To add more power and sound we added the sport cats:
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    Constructed from polished T304L stainless steel with T321 stainless steel flex bellows
    Replaces the restrictive factory cats with the world's largest high-performance German-imported 200-cell HJS sport catalytic converters for significantly improved performance and exotic car sound.
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    We have created a fantastic tune that will make them all work together and creates a ton of power. You are going to have to stay tuned for the dyno results for the tune and the full kit.

    To be continued....
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