Fake tool kits. Beware.

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    It's come to my notice that the Ferrari tool market in the U.K. is being inundated with replica tool rolls and contents. Mainly 250, 275 & Daytona.
    These are apparently manufactured in Italy and from a cursory glance can fool the unaware. However if physically inspected it becomes immediately obvious.
    The bag material is made of a soft poor quality leather and the stitching is entirely wrong. Interior leather webbing is too narrow. The tools have been recast and are very light. Cast marks are easily apparent on the wrenches. Grease guns have a similar but wrong patternif compared to the original. The Riganti jacks on a 250 kit are freshly resprayed and uniformly distressed. New incorrect Riganti labels applied...I believe these originated from 1970's Fiats when they were painted Black. The list goes on but every single tool is counterfeit.
    The perpetrators appear to be targeting the auction houses. I've seen 5 kits in the past 2 months auctioned at high levels. This week I visited a leading U.K. auction house to inspect two 250 kits that were coming up for sale and both were immediately apparent fakes. The auction house has withdrawn them from sale.
    My humble advice is to physically view before purchase and take advice from an owner of an original kit.
    I cannot name names but the Ferrari community here are aware of a certain individual whose website / eBay account is full of these fake tools and his name has been circulated to all prominent auction houses. I attach a photograph of a recent fake sent to auction.
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