DFW FCA DFW Losts a member this past weekend

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    It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of one of our beloved members. Carrie S. went to her final resting place this past weekend. She was loved by everyone she encountered and her passion for her husband Dom, her daughter Taylor, her many friends, and life itself was something to be admired. Carrie shared in her husband’s love of Ferrari. She brightened our days at so many of our Ferrari club events. Always the life of the party, she connected with so many people and always ensured we had a smile on our face. She was a wonderful hostess, opening her home to our club for events and watch parties. She was a lover of life and of people and you could always feel that warmth when you were near her. We are truly devastated by this loss and even more saddened that due to this pandemic we are not yet able to gather together and be with Dom, to share in her memory and celebrate her life. No question this will be something we plan in the near future once we are able to congregate again. We send our deepest condolences to Dom and Taylor. Any loss is significant, but the loss of Carrie is something we are sure to not move on from for a very long time. We will continue to cherish our friend and know that she is with us every time we smile. Thank you Carrie for the good times and your support in the bad times. Your memory will never be forgotten. If only words could do you justice. Rest easy our beautiful friend.

    Due to the corona virus and lack of scheduled events, we would like to dedicate today's email solely to the memory of Carrie.

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    Oh sorry and condolences, from all of FCA Houston....
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    Sorry to hear, condolences to her family.
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