FCA Louisiana Chapter Inaugural CENTO MIGLIA event Nov. 18, 2017

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  1. JSinNOLA

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    Fellow FCA Louisiana Chapter members John Houghtaling, Franco Valobra, and Robert Lupo have asked that I share information on this spectacular event being put together in November. Also note that our very website is a sponsor!

    See below message for more details:


    Dear Tifosi,

    We are excited to announce that YOU CAN NOW APPLY FOR ACCEPTANCE/REGISTRATION for the Louisiana Chapter of the Ferrari Club of America’s CENTO MIGLIA event.

    Our inaugural event, which will take place Saturday, November 18, 2017, is a one dayversion of the world famous Italian race, the Mille Miglia.

    The event will begin with breakfast and driver’s meeting in New Orleans at the historic Lakefront Airport Art Deco Terminal( Thecompetitors/participants will travel on an exciting course which will encompass:

    New Orleans City Park

    New Orleans French Quarter

    St. Charles Avenue

    Picturesque country roads of our river region passing historic plantations along River Road

    Stopping for lunch at Oak Alley Plantation (

    Historic Metairie Cemetery

    Ending with an evening reception withentertainment and award ceremony at the Parkview Terrace in New Orleans City Park

    In addition, we have added the challenge of competing in multiple “Prove Speciali”throughout the course which will test our driving and timing skills.

    Unfortunately, there will be a very limitednumber of cars can be accommodated.

    Please email our Chapter Secretary, Beth O’Neal at for:

    Registration/Application Form

    Credit Card Authorization Form

    Event Menus

    Draft Rally Schedule

    Route Map

  2. ahirsh

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    John, This will be a great event and it keeps getting better. I can’t wait to see chassis 002. That is so cool.

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  3. nathandarby67

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    What a great event. Can't wait to do it again. Many, many thanks to all those involved in putting this together. It was highly evident that a LOT of planning and work went into this event, so congrats on a job well done. Alright guys, I know there have to be some GREAT pics and videos out there, so post 'em if you got 'em!
  4. BigTex

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    Yep, love to see it....was sorry I was not able to come not quite ready!!
  5. JSinNOLA

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    Great seeing you Aaron I hope Bob was jealous!
  6. Bertocchi

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    David Castelhano
    Congratulations on putting on such a great event. I' sure it will only grow.
  7. David Lind

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    Nov 19, 2008
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    David Lind
    Is there another such event planned? If so, when, where, how many entrants allowed, etc.
    Thanks: David Lind
  8. markjeansonne

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    Dec 7, 2017
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    Mark A. Jeansonne
    David Lind -- good question !
    Although I sold my McLaren, the wife and I are still members of the FCA and we would like to take the new Porsche C4S on a run.

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