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    I am afraid I have to correct myself: Pietro lo Piccolo won the Val d'Anapo - Sortino hillclimb twice: in 1968 and 1969.
    No entry in 1970 with a Dino 206S!!!
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    Edwin K. Niles
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    Timothy Russell
    Nice train
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    Marc Sonnery
    Ed bought and sold it twice no doubt;-)
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    Björn Schlichting
    Hi all,
    a very difficult story, with a lot of different informations...
    Mr. Hofer himself told some different stories...

    This is was I know so far:
    Mr. Hofer owned a "standard" Dino 206 S in the end of 1969; in Cavallino Nr 188 he stated that this car was S/N 016
    Mr. Hofer bought the original body of 0862 directly from the factory in the end of 1969 and installed it on his Dino 206
    Mr. Hofer raced his "special bodied" Dino 206 at some events 1970 in austria
    Then Mr. Hofer said he loaned this special Dino 206 to a person for a german race car show (in the end of 1970? 1971?) and never get it back
    (footnote: A special Dino 206 with S/N 016 was offered by Max Irber from Munich in 1972; the further (swedish) history of 016 is well known)
    Now Mr. Hofer said he found the car last year and was able to bought it back...

    The following questions remains:
    1.) Which Dino 206 S owned Mr. Hofer in 1969/1970?
    2.) Which body was installed on his Dino 206 when he lent it?
    3.) Which S/N wears his Dino 206 today?
    (what we can say is that it is not 016 and not 0862;
    it was presented as 020 but I never saw a photo of the S/N)

    best wishes,
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