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    Updating this 2013 thread.

    Short Nose 275 GTB used 60 spoke Borrani RW 3874 wire wheels and Campagnolo Starburst alloys which were both 6.5" x 14" in size.

    The very early Long Nose 275 GTB also used the Campagnolo Starburst alloy wheels in 6.5" x 14 " size as well as the Campagnolo 10 hole alloy design in this size.

    Please see pic below from 6 Carb Alloy Long Nose 275 GTB #08011 showing the 6.5" wide Campagnolo 10 hole alloy design.
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    Later Long Nose 275 GTBs used the Campagnolo 10 hole alloy design in 7.0" x 14" size as well as the 72 spoke Borrani RW 4039 in 7.0" x 14" size.
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    great info.
    what about the straight eared knockoffs as seen above vs the curved ear knockoffs?
    also the embossed(raised) horse emblem vs the etched(cut) emblem useage?
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    Well this hero drives his 275GTB pretty fast

    I did get him eventually, and arguably i should have made an earlier lunge up the inside earlier, but i'm not that way inclined.
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    275 GTB resto-mod.
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