ferrari 308gtsi rear quarter window conversion

Discussion in '308/328' started by donzinitro, Aug 31, 2014.

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    Hello, i am from France and i own an US 1981 308 Gtsi, and I was wondering something, perhaps quite stupid, but it's in my mind for a few time so i would be glad to have your opinion about it!!!!
    I love my 308 Gtsi with his rear quarter fender but, i also love much better the 308 Gtb rear quater window....
    I would like to know if someone had already done a conversion to have a gtb window instead of the rear gts fender?
    whould it be easy to do? would it be easy to go back to origine if needed?
    And what would you think about this strange idea?....
    Ps. sorry for my poor english, i didn't study enought when i was at school, it didn't make probleme to own a 308 but makes probleme to ask something on this fantastic american Ferrari Forum!
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    Ward Orndoff
    You are not the only person who prefers the GTB appearance.

    It would be very difficult to make the GTS window look exactly like a GTB. Many panels on the GTS are different from the panels on the GTB. Most important, the pillar behind the door is much wider and thicker on the GTS. This is for strength, once the roof is removed. You should not change this pillar on the GTS. So you have a smaller window, and it is behind the louvers, so it does not line up with the front window.

    Many years ago, Joe Alphabet modified a car, removing the GTS louvers, moving the window out to line up with the door window, and making a new roof panel that was painted and curved like a GTB roof. It looked almost like a GTB, except for the bigger pillar. This involved a lot of work, and it would be very difficult to change it back.

    More recently, several other people have done simpler modifications. The thread below shows some of these changes, and it has links that show several other variations. These are much easier to do, and they are easy to change back (just save a pair of stock louvers). None look exactly like the GTB (up close you can see that the window glass is recessed), but you may think they look better than a stock GTS. I do. What matters is what you prefer.
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    M Bradley
    What happened to this link?
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    Mike Charness
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    Sam T.
    Here is a question for you all:

    Do the louvres actually serve any functional purpose? I am generally of the opinion that neither Ferrari nor Pinin Farina added features for purely cosmetic reasons.

    So ... why the louvres?

    - Sam in Saratoga

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