Ferrari 348 HVAC Flap Actuator Failure

Discussion in '348/355' started by boeingfan, Aug 27, 2020.

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    Hi 348ers,
    Just looking for some information on my 348 HVAC system.
    I noticed that the RECIRC operation was not working the other day. I opened up the bonnet and when you try to use the RECIRC function the flap does not move to the closed position, it stays in the down position. It appears that the foam seal that sits above the flap has disbonded and has jammed the flap. I have removed the flap actuator motor , removed the disbonded deal and the flap now moves freely.However, I put a 12 test supply on the motor connectors and the unit just makes a clicking sound, I drilled out the factory plastic seal bolts and found that the main gear and motor gear have lost several teeth. See attached photos.
    So I need a new actuator. The Ferrari PN is 63306700, my unit is made by MES of Switzerland and has the label FIAT#90225 moulded into the cover plate.
    Is there an alternative PN available as most independent suppliers on the web seem to be out of stock of this item???. Not sure what the price from Ferrari would be??? Or should I buy a second hand unit from a dismantler??
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Paul
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    Last time I checked ricambi had those, use the parts diagram and use the Ferrari part number. I'm sure others like tom vail etc have them too.

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    Ian Riddell
    Probably best to buy new. I think Ferrari has started up production again after old stock started to run out.

    Some folks have installed limit switches on the flap mechanism to stop the motor from running continuously against the end stops (resulting in premature wear).
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