Ferrari 355 Buyers Guide (my opinion)

Discussion in '348/355' started by Roth, Mar 21, 2020.

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    1. Don’t buy a 355 as an investment. At the least you will only get back what you paid. At the most its value double or triple in the long run. It won’t break past 400k so don’t expect a million dollar return. It won’t happen.

    2. Don’t buy a 355 because you think its fast. 0 to 60 in 4.5s is barely enough to thrill the senses and wanting more. You won’t able to do reckless maneuvers, spin out of control and crash.

    3. Don’t buy a 355 because the collective consensus says its the most beautiful Ferrari ever. Everyone knows beauty is subjective. In time someone will come up with a design equally or more beautiful. It just hasn’t happen yet.

    4. Don’t buy a 355 because the badge says FERRARI. The attention on the street gets old after awhile. Women will smile. Be warn of the evil behind the smile. Remember what happened to Adam from biblical time?

    5. Don’t buy a 355 because internet chatters praise its amazing F1 sound. Go to a Ferrari meet. chances are a 355 is in attendance and hear it for yourself. Don’t believe the hype.

    6. Don’t buy a 355 because its a first on many automobile technology. Theres always a first for everything. First crush on a 5th grade teacher. First wet dream. First love for a movie actress. It didn't mount to anything at least for me.

    7. Don’t buy a 355 for the driving experience. Go take a seat in the scary rides at an amusement park. Get the twist and turn, toe curling, heart in the stomach experience there. Or just buy a go-kart. Way cheaper. :)

    Don’t buy a Ferrari 355 for any of the reasons above. Theres only one reason someone should consider buying a 355. Someone who likes working on cars. Someone who looks forward to taking the engine out every 6 to 7 years just to see the inner working of the most advance engine of its time.

    I hope my opinion is helpful. :)
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    john truskowski
    That's why I bought mine! And BTW many people buy the 355 because it is the most beautiful Ferrari ever built.
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    I don’t even understand the point of this peculiar thread.
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    I figure people buy it because they want it for what ever reason and not for what it's not.
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    Steve D.
    I only followed the even numbers.
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    It's a "Pepsi Generation" thing.
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    LoL I think i missed by a hair. All the positive reasons listed are why folks like the 355 including myself. In fact #5 alone won me over. Most the reasons listed are unique to the 355. I am comparing many positive elements of the 355 vs one most will shy away. But you should buy a 355 for that one reason.

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