Ferrari 360 owner can do me a favor?

Discussion in '360/430' started by riconijhof, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. riconijhof

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    Aug 22, 2003
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    Rico Nijhof
    Hi all,

    Is there a Ferrari 360 owner on the board who can do me a favor? Would prefer a 360 Challenge or Tubi fitted one.

    In the computer game F1 2002, some great guys made a 360 Challenge series. The cars just drive like the real things, only the sound is very annoying. I though maybe some owner here on the board can record proper ones for me.

    What to do is simple, if you only have a microphone you can get near your cars exhaust pipes. I need samples of every 1000 revs, that can get in one easy sample, I could cut them out.

    You can put the microphone near the exhaust en press record. Then only let it iddle for 2 seconds, then to 1000 RPM and stay there as good as possible for 2 seconds, then 3000 RPM for 2 seconds, etc etc until you reach your own rev limiter :p

    The one who records the sounds and has a Challenge car will get their own livery on a 360 in the game along with a copy of the game itself.

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