Ferrari 550 Wiring Diagram Confusion

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    Ian Riddell
    I'm just wondering if anyone has battled with the Ferrari 550 wiring diagrams? I found a workshop manual online and have been trying to make sense of diagrams. I've run into several problems. e.g.

    Fuse and relay numbering/lettering on diagrams do not match the car.
    Wire colours on diagram do not match the car
    Different wire colour codes on the same wire in different diagrams.
    Component List does not match the diagrams (e.g. the left engine diagram has right engine component numbers, electrical component symbols do not match the component list identification, missing components, etc.
    WSM pages missing.
    Italian "english"

    I've sorted out many of the problems, but it's been slow going as I don't have a Motronics ECU pinout.

    My current problem is with the ignition switch:
    Diagram wire colours do not match the car's.
    It's not wired up how I expect it to be in some diagrams.
    The WSM shows the ignition switch has 3 positions: OFF, POS II, START. The wiring diagrams show four positions: OFF, POS I, POS II and START.

    e.g. Does the car have a (mechanical) POS I (like an "accessory" position) and do the headlights work in that position? I don't have access to a 550.
    Perhaps POS I and POS II are jumpered (shorted)?


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