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Ferrari and the Owners' Clubs

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by kenyon, Jan 7, 2004.

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    Ferrari and the Owners' Clubs

    A number of requests have come to our website to provide some details of the much-rumoured "corporate branding" which Ferrari SpA would like to impose upon the Owners' Clubs around the world.

    The first strands of this were presented by Ferrari to the chairmen of the Clubs, representing some 12,000 owners in total, at a meeting which took place on 17 October in Florence. The meeting was organised by Ferrari's marketing department.

    After various preambles which indicated that Ferrari wished to get closer to the Owners' Clubs "whilst respecting their independence and heritage", it became the turn of Antonio Ghini, the Head of Communications, to unveil the "re-branding" of the Clubs and he presented the Corporate Identity Manual.

    The new circular logo every Club was expected to use was then shown. It was explained that it was derived from a steering wheel. National colours around the circumference were intended to give each Club differentiation. All letterheads, colours and fonts in Club communications were to be unified and all stationery requirements, including paper, envelopes, compliments slips etc. were to be sourced from Ferrari.

    The membership cards were expected to be the same for every Club and these also were to be sourced from Ferrari as well as all car stickers, badges, pennants and any other paraphernalia used by the Clubs. Pantone colours, font sizes, envelope designs and compliment slip sizes were all to be unified.

    A request was also made that all Clubs should hand over their membership details to Ferrari so that every member could be entered on the Owners' website. It was pointed out that in numerous countries this would not be legally possible under Data Protection procedures.

    Mariella Mengozzi introduced the "official uniforms" which would be made available for purchase by the members of the Clubs. A table was shown of what items were thought to be suitable for what type of events. For example, at formal events gentlemen could wear the corporate blazer, shirt and tie but may make their own selection of grey trousers. For on-track events a sports jacket, baseball cap, polo shirt and branded trousers were the recommendation. For ladies the table of recommended items was more limited, to just vest and polo shirt.

    A fashion show of the "uniforms" then concluded the formal part of the presentations and the meeting was opened to comments from the floor. After critical representations had been made by two of the Club representatives, and it became obvious that there was general discontent, the meeting was ended.

    Ferrari subsequently issued a statement which said " [The] plan of action was very enthusiastically received by the Club chairmen".

    A CDRom has been sent to the Clubs with the proposed logos etc. detailed. We have posted images of some of the branding items on this page and further examples can be seen in the Ferrari Yearbook which has just been published by the Factory.

    More information will be posted as developments occur.
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