Ferrari back to LMP1 ?

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    William Denoyelles

    That's the most sensible engine configuration these days if you use hybrid as well.
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    Ferrari at Le Mans and in the WEC
    Reality or political tool?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Marco Cortesi

    Ferrari at Le Mans. In recent years it has been a bit of a catchphrase, always with few concrete foundations. The Maranello team has first and only interest in participating in the Formula 1 world, and so far the various rumors, half words and admissions seem to have always been dedicated to putting political pressure on top of the queen class to get something in return with the threatens to leave. A bit 'as in the' 80s, when to be used for the purpose was the IndyCar, with a presentation of a dedicated car, the 637, which should have run with Bobby Rahal. Nothing came of it, and the car's engine was turned over to Alfa Romeo for an IndyCar program that turned out to be anything but successful, with an isolated fourth place for best result.

    A few years ago, when Luca Cordero di Montezemolo was still at the helm, a LMP1 program began to rumble. Montezemolo, in a gesture of ideal communion, went to the 24 hours of Le Mans. It seems that even within some pilot was feared the real possibility of a program. The images of a very secret prototype that could have laid the basis for participation around the world. Too bad it did not look like an LMP1 even from a distance: it was one of the many forklifts used for road cars. Many said that there was neither technical time nor a real interest other than putting pressure on F1. Nothing came of it.

    Today, with the new hypercar rules scheduled for 2021, the torment is back. There seems to be interest, given the connections that could occur between top-of-the-range cars and races. A simple interest, however, is very little when it comes to such a demanding topic, and already in August there was news of a halt to the participation of the meetings with the FIA (also by Ford). That there is something concrete is unlikely. Also because the rumors have started to circulate just as Formula 1 discusses its 2021.

    Ferrari was not too impressed by the concept presented by Ross Brawn, but above all by the idea of introducing a budget cap. Sergio Marchionne had come to threaten the withdrawal, while his successor Louis Camilleri softened his tone. The "real" Scuderia is destined to remain in F1 and, if anything, a small light would be only tied to the customer side, even if the new Hypercars will be officially managed in their ideas, an unforeseen effort for private individuals. Technical procedures and times, again, are against me. But they have begun to circulate fake spy photos, and half words: it will change something this time?
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    WEC opens up 2020 ‘hypercar’ class to
    production models in a bid to attract
    by Daniel Lloyd

    The FIA World Endurance Championship
    has adjusted its criteria for the upcoming
    set of 2020 top-level prototype
    regulations, with manufacturers now
    permitted to enter race cars based from
    road-going hypercars.
    Confirmed in Thursday’s FIA World Motor
    Sport Council meeting in Geneva, the
    decision opens up the possibility to both
    road car-styled and road car-based
    machinery competing in the category that
    is set to replace LMP1.
    Details on the expanded regulations, or
    how the two platforms will be regulated,
    have not been released.
    The original mission of the rulebook
    issued last December was for
    manufacturers to take styling cues from
    their hypercar road cars, however some
    manufacturers including Ferrari have
    expressed interest in a close alignment
    between their production and race
    An FIA statement on this latest move said
    that there will be an “expansion of the
    2020 LMP technical regulations concept to
    allow a ‘hypercar’ developed from the road
    cars sold by the manufacturer to enter.”
    It added that opening up the grid to
    production cars “is designed to enable
    additional manufacturers to enter the
    Aston Martin has been among the
    manufacturers leading a push towards a
    production-based set of regulations in
    recent weeks, although Toyota has
    remained firm behind the original set of
    approved draft regulations.
    So far, no major manufacturer has
    committed to the new class, which is
    scheduled to debut for the 2020-21 WEC
    season. Production Cars to be
    Included in 2020 ‘Hypercar’
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    Barton Workman
    Spoke with Jim Glickenhaus about this at the Miami Concours where he had SCG 003 on
    display. He seems pretty enthused about the direction of the new ACO rules and while he
    may not be considered a "major manufacturer" yet, he's all-in evidently.

    The FIA and ACO's (in particular) about face on allowing Hypercars is interesting. They were
    dead set against this when I suggested back around the time GT1 was withering and down to
    Corvette and Aston Martin vying for class honors.

    The ACO was so dead set against the appearance of the Maserati MC12 in American Le Mans
    Series events that it nearly cost Panoz his licensee deal with Le Mans until poor Atherton hammered
    out a deal with them declawing the MC12 with extra ballast, smaller restrictors and not being able
    to qualify for points.

    It's good that a decade-plus later the ACO has come around on this. If Hypercar manufactures are
    willing to put a foot in racing their products rather than comparison tests for magazine covers, it will
    be a sensation just as with the FIA GT of the mid-90s.

    Put something relevant on the track and watch the fans respond.


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    I am really curious how they are going to manage the EOT and BOP between "road cars" and purpose built prototypes. They already can't figure out how to make balance what they have in P1.

    At this point I don't think anyone is going to have a car ready for the 2020 season.
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    It seems Ferrari could possibly race the V6. The Little Brother GT Car. Also we don’t know if they’ll launch the Challenge series in one or both cars. Could be interesting.
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    There is no 'bop'. There's a set weight, set power, set aero level and success ballast. It's up to manufacturers to build their hypercar or prototype or whatever it is they're running to those levels. If they can't do that then they're not very smart for running the car they have. If thats the case they have a joker upgrade to use. I think people are making this more complicated than it needs to be.

    I would like to see the future F40 Icona in this Hypercars category
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    Tom Tanner
    This would be great if it indeed happens. The FIA and ACO are rather clueless with their high and mighty ideas of what should be allowed. If left up to them all racecars would be going electric by 2025 :) Might as well start tearing down all the racetracks if that happens. Just run them in big cities and count everyone within 2 miles as a race fan attending.
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    Oooh I forgot about success ballast
  10. Devilsolsi

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    What could be more green than not racing at all?
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    It was fun watching the MC12. Maser did it right. The pits had everything including the espresso machine.
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    It really feels like they are just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks right now.

    Anyone watching Sebring? It has started the way Daytona the rain and under a safety car.

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