Ferrari Daytona ... with electric powerassisted steering gear !!

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by F328GTS/GTB, Jan 16, 2010.

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    Here is a video of a Daytona, fitted with EPS (Electric power Steering).
    The system is assembled on the steering column (not visible) and reduce a lot the torque needed, mainly in low speed and parking conditions.

    This system can be switch on or off as requested (there is a small switch).

    Even if I prefer personnally to leave the car as close as original (factory spec), what do you think about installing such a system in an "old" Ferrari ?

    I remember having seen a message where a Testarossa owner had installed same kind of system and said: this is the best thing I have made on my Ferrari.
    I think it can be very useful and appreciated for "old" people with old hevay steering cars. They can really more appreciate driving them.
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  3. open roads

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    The arguments for purity over improvement will go on for a long time.

    There will also be those detractors of improvements that say the people who desire such an improvement simply aren't manly enough for the real thing.

    That having been said, I like the idea. And I miss my Daytona.
  4. baltimorefastboat

    Jan 9, 2006
    Cute kid and certainly well-intended,but about the worst thing you can do with ANY power steering unit is crank the wheel while the car is stationary.
  5. tazandjan

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    Terry H Phillips
    Denis- Daytona owners have been fitting power steering to the cars nearly from the time they were first built. The early ones adapted the power steering mechanism from the 365 GTC/4. Having owned a Daytona, I think the electric power steering mechanism would be great, since they only provide boost at low speeds and are completely dormant at higher speeds, protecting steering feel. At speed, they also use virtually no current, so not much issue there, either.

    If you were planning on taking the car to Pebble Beach as a serious competitor, maybe not, but if it is going to be driven, why not? Nobody except a concourse judge or serious Daytona buff would notice the system with the hood open.

    Terry Phillips

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