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    Apr 5, 2011
    Is anyone aware of a "complete" documentary made or in the progress of being made which focuses on the people from Ferrari's origins and the era of Il Ingenere? Many of these figures have passed away or must be nearing the point of not retaining a normal health, and so the stories will be lost.

    Is there any effort to make a collective film in the stile of like the individual interviews Davide Cironi has conducted with Forghieri, Tomaini, Materazzi, Dallara etc. or the written accounts from Brenda Vernor. In addition to these big names, think about the men on the floor. The mechanics, test drivers etc.

    There must be an interest for a documentary series with the tales of the comtemporary witnesses part of the creations of one of the worlds most iconic brands. How daily life was, and how they ended up in this very special place in time.

    Any answers or input greatly appreciated.
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