Ferrari F2008 ECU and the new steering wheel

Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by YellowbirdRS, Nov 21, 2007.

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    Because of the different ECU being used, the steering wheel has been redesigned to use the functions available to the driver through the new limited ECU. No more track displays and visuals, but all the information that the driver would need will still be displayed. I doubt that Ferrari would try and adapt the new steering wheel to the Magneti electronics and would instead choose to run the new ecu to make the transition easy and glichless.

    Also Badoer quotes the new ecu after the test.

    Badoer: ''This is a known situation. We have to go back to the year 2000-2001, eventhough the cars have obviously been improved because in terms of rule changes, there are thousands of people in F1 continiously working to improve the car. Anyhow, without traction control and with the new ECU it's you that needs to control the power, 'discharge' it in a progressive way. And I would say that now we are 1 to 1,5 seconds slower compared to (regular) 2007 cars. But we're not worried, because we work at the highest level and with the input towards the engineers and mechanics we will have come close to the performances of this year at the end of the winter. And for the drivers it simply comes down to getting used to it.''

    ''You get used to it quickly. But it's an enormous work in all areas of the car, that's the difference compared to the start of wintertests in the past. For instance, the engine used to be able to deliver as much horsepower you desired, and also how you desired it, the traction control was simply there to take care of it. Now you need the regulate the engine, map it to say it in jargon, to make the power controllable. With the ECU everything changes, the management of the engine and the car included.''

    ''Without traction control the problems emerge in the slow corners more than anywhere. The impact was harsh, I think that everyone has a different approach to the problem. But for a driver the most important thing is the feeling with the car.''

    ''Schumacher is impressing, incredible. I'm not really surprised because I know him well. He's like a superheroe. So much for adapting to the car he was driving, but after a few laps he was back being number 1. He had a great will to drive. There was the possibility for him to drive and he has taken his chance. And Ferrari was really interested in him because after a year he's still able to come up with great feedback.''

    ''It doesn't create problems for our drivers, not even psychological ones. It's well known Schumacher is the fastest driver in the world. Kimi is really fast but for all he has shown during the years, Schumacher is something else. We're friends and, for me, working with him is always special. It was like time had not gone by for him.''

    ''I'm happy for Domenicali. Because it's a positive signal in terms of continuity. Above all he's a good person and he has done a great job in all the years he has worked for the team. Now he has been given the position he dreamed of. And he deserves it.''

    Note: Luca Baldiserri has confirmed that Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen will be testing for Ferrari in Jerez on the 4th December.
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  3. jonnypops

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    :D!!! Cheers for the update!
  4. ItaliaF1

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    John Burrow
    Thanks for posting that. I'm glad to hear that Schumi will be testing again.
  5. Remy Zero

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    MC Cool Breeze
  6. TopElement

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    A Montoya
    Excellent shots. Cool to see Schumi in a meeting. How do you get these pics?
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  8. Senna1994

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    Nov 11, 2003
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    Anthony T
    Great post, thanks for the pictures. Can't wait to see Michael's times versus Kimi's on December 4th.
  9. kraftwerk

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    May 12, 2007
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    +1 love them pic's Thanks YB
  10. Remy Zero

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    Apr 26, 2005
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    MC Cool Breeze
    maybe YellowBird is Luca Badoer? :D
  11. flyingboa

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    Nov 27, 2003
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    Really, really interesting. Thanks again for posting. It is like you can have a glimps for a moment of what real F1 life looks like. And MS... He really is the fastest guy around. It will be interesting to see the comparison with Kimi. I doubt that it Kimi will be so happy should MS be faster...

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  13. rizzo308

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    what's with FM and that tony soprano death stare.............
  14. Remy Zero

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    MC Cool Breeze
    he's wiating to take a hit, or for a shrink :D
  15. 1_can_dream

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    No, he's Nigel Stepney :)

    The steering wheel does look like a blast from the past, I really liked the LCD display that was on there , looked like a great help to the drivers. Can't wait to see the times Schumi posts up against Kimi in Jerez.
  16. Far Out

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    Feb 18, 2007
    Stuttgart, Germany
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    Actually - no. I designed & built a formula car steering wheel with a nice big LCD and it was great - as long as the car wasn't moving. The suspension of formula cars is so firm and the car thus rattles so much you can hardly read anything on there. When our driver told me about that I was REALLY disappointed, thought I really screwed up somewhere. But then some Formula3 guys told me it was absolutely normal in that kind of cars. This might be one reason why they left the display out... important things (revs, warning lights) are shown with LEDs
  17. Ambassiatore

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    Jan 30, 2007
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    David Figueredo T.
    +1...CANT WAIT FOR THAT...the top dogs are now drawing the guns...this will be VERY HARD no matter which side you are in...


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