Ferrari Formula 1 in Savannah, Ga

Discussion in 'F1' started by two914s, Feb 22, 2008.

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    Georgia Tech students are planning to travel to Savannah, Georgia to hear Luca Baldisserri speak. Lets get a convoy going down there from Atlanta.

    Dont forget the Georgia Tech Auto Show on Saturday, March 29, 2008

    --Sterling Skinner

    I am Tanya Bailey Smith, Chairperson from the American Grand Prize Centennial in Savannah, which is the 100th birthday of the first American Grand Prix, held in Savannah Nov 26, 1908. I am writing because as I am planning our Centennial events for November 22/23 2008, something came up that I thought might be of great interest to engineering students at Georgia Tech. We have a world-famous guest speaker coming to town that a lot of engineers and students might be interested in hearing, and we could organize a second talk based on engineering for them if there is an interest level. The guest speaker who we are booking for November 22-23 is Luca Baldisserri, the current Team Manager for the Ferrari Formula 1 team. He was the chief engineer for all the years that Michael Schumacher was winning at Ferrari. And has been at Ferrari since graduating engineering school in 1989. He is fluent in English, and a very charismatic guy. We are planning a Ferrari F1 "Exhibition" to be held here in Savannah on that weekend Nov 22/23 on Hutchinson Island in downtown. Again, this is all to celebrate Savannah's 100th Birthday of the first American Grand Prix which was held on our streets in 1908. Our website has the history aspect but events have not yet been officially announced yet. This will occur in about 2 weeks. Anyway, here is our website.
    If there is any way of finding out whether students would be interested in attending a lecture in Savannah that weekend, with an internationally famous engineer - probably one of the best engineers in the world, please let me know. I would be more than happy to ask Mr. Baldiserri about doing a race engineering talk and meet and greet with students or engineers if I had some idea of interest. Perhaps your students even have some projects they would like to bring here to display or showcase during this racing weekend?? Thank you so much!
    Tanya Bailey Smith
    American Grand Prize Centennial
    Savannah, GA
    (912) 398-4785 (912) 898-1792
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    Keep me in the loop, I have other engineer friends here who would make the trip as well....

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