Ferrari is going to use SF90 Stradale’s hybrid tech for future models

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by aaronrgonz, May 31, 2019.

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    Aaron Gonzales
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    15 new models? 15 different cars in production at the same time? WTF? Ferrari is now the Hyundai of exotics cars. Not even Porsche has that many..welp..that's it. All Ferrai has now to market against is it's own past.
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    Oh cmon think about it. Each model they make becomes 50 models, coupe, Spider, performance version, track only version, limited coupe, limited spider, super limited version. Etc etc.
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    Way way too many models they are introducing. They going to break 10k units a year? I can't see how they can do 15 models otherwise unless they really raise prices to spread out things like tooling costs for lower production.

    Edit: This says Ferrari not allowed to make more than 10k a year per US law if they want to be exempt from fuel regulations, but maybe the hybrid will be good enough to not need an exemption.
  6. Mitch Alsup

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    Ferrari can brand cars as Alfa Romeo, FIAT, or Maserati and stay under that limit <just saying...>
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    LOL. Yeah sure 15 new models:
    Model 1: F9 Milano: V8 model with tons of power
    Model 2: P310 Session: Same model as above.. but with a stripe painted on the hood and a removable panel for the roof
    Model 3: 544 Sphagettio: F9 with a body kit and no roof
    Model 4: P310.. but with yellow painted rims!.. and a removable roof panel
    Model 5: New v12
    Model 6: The V12 in Cabriolet
    Model 7: The V12 spider above... with a painted stripe on the hood and a round number painted on the doors (a la 1960's)
    etc. etc. etc. "new model" being rehashed and subtle iteration of past
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