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    This is posted in the NY/NJ/CT section, but I thought I'd open it up to people who don't normally check in there, but still might be interested. Please read on:


    OK, here are the plans. NEED ACTUAL RSVP’s NOW (Preferably by March 10th)

    The DATE HAS BEEN SET , 4/24/04. RAIN DATE 4/25/04.
    Please let me know who would like to go.
    I need the following:
    1) Your Name and number of people in your party
    2) What you will be driving
    3) If you will be bringing any additional cars (e.g. “back-up” vehicle to haul the family)
    4) How many lunches you wish to buy
    5) PAYMENT.
    See Below

    Our meeting place will likely be off the Long Island Expressway, exact place to be announced. Time about 9:30 AM
    We will head over to the
    Gallucio Family Wineries
    24385 Main Road - PO Box 1269
    Cutchogue, New York 11935
    (631) 734-7089, telephone
    We probably will get there around noon.

    They will provide lunch. Their plan is to offer a BBQ and tour for the price. I have also requested some tables and chairs, but we might want to bring our own blankets/ tables/ chairs as we wish.
    THE PRICE IS $30.00 per person.
    I am told that they will set up something quite nice for us. That includes the use of their grounds, and the tour. For the “Hamptons” this is a reasonable price.

    Please email me the information at
    1) Your Name and number of people in your party
    2) What you will be driving
    3) If you will be bringing any additional cars (e.g. “back-up” vehicle to haul the family)
    4) How many lunches you wish to buy
    5) PAYMENT.
    I prefer PAYPAL Payment. If you are sending a check, please e-mail me for my address.
    Here is the PAYPAL link.

    Once there, go to
    Sign in or register
    Go to
    “Send Money”
    Recipient’s e-mail
    Goods (other)
    Your name and how many lunches you are buying, and any other information you like.
    Recall that we were considering a charity component.
    The one that is being offered is contributions to The Trinitas Hospital Health Foundation..
    See: for information (go to “How Can I Give?”)
    In this case, you may include an extra amount for one of the following:
    1) To buy raffle tickets at 20.00 per ticket (1st prize up to $10,000) and or
    2) To put money towards a Journal Ad for the Health Foundation Fundraising Gala on May 13th. I like this idea as it will be by and from ROE, and would add a true “charity” component to this event. Again, this is totally voluntary, but if you do wish to add anything for this, just include in your payment and let me know what you’d like the money to go for.




    Spring ROE…on the way.
    Hello all:
    Those of you who were there for the Fall ROE know about this, but for others, here’s the basic idea:

    Get as many Italian cars (and other nice vehicles) as possible together for a fun run to beautiful points east on Long Island…known by some as the Hamptons, others as “the Country” but to we commoners on Long Island as simply “Out East.” Hence the name, Run Out East or ROE (wait, even more cleverness to follow). We meet at a central point, caravan to a winery, then onto another point for lunch.

    Now, for some fine tuning for the anticipated second installment, Spring ROE:


    1) The DATE HAS BEEN SET , 4/24/04. Rain date 4/25/04

    2) Everyone is welcome who is an auto enthusiast with a car they love and is in for a friendly get together, and is not likely to require incarceration,

    3) Not just a “Guy” thing (sorry guys). Families, kids, wives, girlfriends (though not wives and girlfriends together; it’s a rally, not demolition derby) are welcome. I think it is important to be non sexist and inclusive (OK, the truth: some of you wouldn’t be allowed out without the wife). If that requires a backup car, so be it. Just keep 20 car lengths behind the “real” cars. JK…sort of.

    4) We have interest from other Italian Marques owners (Alfa Romeo & Fiat/Lancia), so this will be more inclusive right off the bat.

    5) I am trying to make this as simple as possible for everyone to join and enjoy. Basically Pre-pay (yes, see below) and show up. You will be guided all the rest of the way.


    1) We gather at a central meeting place, perhaps off Exit 63 of the LIE as we did last time.

    2) We caravan out to a winery, the same one as last time, Galluccio Wineries.
    Once there, the following takes place:
    After lining up the cars on the lawn there is a catered lunch for those who PREPAY.
    Then, there are tours and wine tasting. At the same time, there can be informal people’s choice awards for cars based on various categories. Everyone judges each other’s cars. Photos are taken, including perhaps a group shot of one car representing one of each marque represented at the ROE.

    3) There has been talk of adding a “charity” component to this. That is, give folks the OPTION of contributing to a worthy cause. My initial thought is to contribute to a Hospital, in this case “mine” in NJ. That can be done through a Journal ad by this group, and or raffle ticket purchases. This is purely optional, but it seems would add a nice touch to the event for little money.
    Last Year's Event:
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