Ferrari loses in court - game changer

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    It will also massively devalue the brand. I don't think they'll ever do it.
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    wouldn’t devalue the brand or original models in any way. The cars would still be Ferraris built in Maranello, continuation GTO would create their own market value and not effect that of the original. Perfect examples are the Aston and Jaguar continuations didn’t effect the value of the originals, not even the Shelby continuation Cobras effected the value of the original, they simply create their own market value, higher than other Replicas but significantly less than the original.

    especially Now that Ferrari is a Publicly traded company the possibility of generating over 100 million in revenue by selling 25 GTOs or Testa Rossas at 4-5 million each is going to be too tempting to pass up.
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    Ralph Conner
    In China, it’s a delicacy.

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