Ferrari opens a Dealership in Taiwan

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by F456 V12, Mar 12, 2005.

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    Not really,

    Just got back from Taiwan and saw this on the streets of Hsinchu, approximately 60 miles south of Teipe.

    This is a "Pe-ang" stand, selling "beatle nuts" local version of chewing tabacco. The use skimpy dressed girls between 18 and 20...nothing sexual, but fun to watch.

    Some good doer should call Ferrari for brand/royality enforcement.


    PS Sorry for the quality, had to use the picture phone
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    There is a factory authorized Ferrari dealership located in Taiwan. And the city is called "Taipei" , not "Teipe". I am sure that Taiwanese are not the the first and the only ones that uses a the name "Ferrari" or any other well known corporate names to further their financial gains.
    There are plenty of "KFCs" in East Harlem in NYC, once you get inside, you will find that they stand for "Kennedy Fried Chicken", with the same logo and all.
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    Jan 3, 2004
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    No one here is going to care about some BinLang (it is sometimes known as Betal nut in English, it is not chewing tabaco) stand using the name etc. Under Taiwan law the Chinese name could be the same as used by another company for business registration if it is a different industry. Sure the logo would be illegal, but who the hell would bother suing. BinLang stands are usually either not registered at all or are often run by the Taiwanese Mafia....
    Hey, anyway at least the fake KFC uses a different name. Some chain in the south called KLG with a red background logo and a blue chicken picture...

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