Ferrari ROMA

Discussion in 'California/Portofino/Roma' started by ajr550, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. godwinlee1800

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    Jun 25, 2021
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    Godwin Lee
    Hello there! My Roma has been in and out of the dealer for this issue as well. Any more info? Software updates/refreshes killed the light for a way but it came back. Now they are thinking of replacing the door latch mechanism.
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  3. RamsHmb

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    Jan 22, 2017
    San Francisco
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  4. of2worlds

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    Apr 6, 2004
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    Above and beyond indeed, great when people care about their job!
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  5. SLC4S

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    Jun 21, 2022
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    Yeah there are some great specs for sale. Designing and ordering the car is fun for me though. And on something this pricey (will be the most I've ever spent on a car) I don't want to miss out on that part of the experience. I actually bought a VERY different car to fill the gap while I"ve been waiting for a 911 Targa4S allocation which will now be a roma. Bought a Jeep Wrangler 392, took the top off the week I got it and haven't put it back on. Honestly that thing is so much fun on the street that I'll be fine with that and my DD while I wait. Having 500ish horsepower naturally aspirated V8 in a topless wrangler to enjoy the beautiful sounds it makes is arguably the most fun you can have in a car for less than $90k. Its hilarious. And they hold their value well.
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  6. Boots

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    Jan 17, 2020
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    There is nothing better than having FUN in a car. Some of the most fun I had driving was in my buddies Evoque convertible. Hands down one of the ugliest/ridiculous cars ever but the most positive reactions I’ve ever gotten were in that convertible Range Rover. The 392 Wrangler sounds like a hell of a good time!
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