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    I don't agree that they are bland even at lower speeds, but we all have different tastes, so I respect your opinion. The sound is there (albeit not as good as it used to be in the N/A days - the V12s maintain it though), all the controls are ultra responsive, the cars feel tight and alert. I guess what you are missing is a degree of crudeness, but for me that's just bad engineering, not a presence of character. We all have different tastes after all.

    You may as well turn all the nannies off, but then you really have to know what you are doing, given the colossal amounts of available power and insane speeds attained. Regarding the opportunities to "open them up", I regard all sportscars as weekend/Sunday cars, to be enjoyed on proper occasions. Perhaps what you like in older cars is that they are not as demonically quick, which makes their full performance more usable every day. I get that argument and an Alpine is a great little sportscar indeed, but that doesn't diminish the thrills that the big boys offer IMHO.

    Fair enough. Personally, I was disappointed by the F40 though... Thrilling? Hell, yes! Composed (by today's standards)? Not one iota...

    I feel that all good sportscars do that. The Elise is just crude.

    Totally agree! Driving a slow car quickly makes you a better driver. You learn not to rely on power, but on momentum. When you get into a more powerful machine, you need to be very careful though, as stabbing the throttle without mercy is much more dangerous with all that firepower...

    The Roma is a GT, or a sportscar in the vein of a AM DB11/Vantage. If a 488 doesn't thrill you, a much less focused Roma certainly won't!

    Well, you can't take a 60 mph turn when you are doing 100 mph... ;)

    The Autostrada, the Autobahn, mountains all over Europe, Welsh B Roads, tracks etc...

    Usually for financial reasons, but our club holds track days and everybody bring their Ferraris.

    Slow and puny, not worthy of the Prancing Horse. Ferraris have always been about power and speed.
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    I just asked the GM of a Ferrari dealership two minutes ago and he says no more Lusso orders.
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    There are exceptions.

    Marcel Massini
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    Apparently. If you need another I'd sell mine - TDF Blue with Cuoio daytonas - and buy the Roma. LOL
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    Lol, FF in flesh actually is very handsome and exude great deal of masculinity. In picture, it looks not as well.
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    yes agree completely FF very muscular and long, like a missle in person looks good in most pics nots as good
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    I agree and the best argument for this I’ve ever read, came from Lamborghini’s CEO who stated plainly that supercars have become so complex in terms of computer electronics, that the design philosophy undergoes an holistic approach: everything comunicates with one another. Having such an important component in a car such as a gearbox not talking to anything because it’s manual, makes little to no sense under this approach, not to mention the obvious performance loss.

    Kind regards,

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    100%, well put

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    Just a quick question, I recently saw a picture of the Roma and the wife thought it was a gorgeous car. However, it just so happens we own a AMG GTS and we were looking at a 2019 DB11 Volante. Is it me or does the new Roma actually look like a mixture between those two cars?

    And is the Roma really a car worth it to get? I mean I guess I do think it looks sexy but I am debating between getting a Roma or either a McLaren 570s coupe/spider or 600lt coupe. If the latter then 2020 or former it would be 2021 because I'm not cool enough to get onto their pre-order list lol.
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    Oct 23, 2011
    Yet I wonder how many they would actually sell. When the last gen GT3 was PDK only, there was enough of a revolt that the manual was brought back. No way this would work in the V8 Sport series (F8, SF90), but in something like the Roma, designed to be a more laid back GT car ... I’d sell a kidney for that. Of course they will sell as many Romas as they care to make so really there is no reason for them to do so. Someday, maybe.

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    Not true at all
    Looks like you were right or close enough as it’s the Roma!!
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    Flavio Manzoni speaks about Roma...
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    Ndugu Umbo
    The cheese grater and chicken wire front end is hideous. Interior and exterior look plain and in the mass produced category. Not special as others have said but it is the entry level just a notch down from what it replaces.
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    "As you can see, there are no specific elements that are quoting the elements of the Ferrari GTs of the past. There are some reminiscences, maybe, but the formal language is absolutely modern," Flavio Manzoni declared this during the presentation ceremony of the new Ferrari Roma.
    After putting the 812 and the F12 side by side with the Roma and comparing them from different angles, I think Manzoni is right.

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    Good comparison, well done, thank you.

    Marcel Massini
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  16. ohno

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    Sep 10, 2009
    Nice comparison! The Roma looks smoother than the two V12, although I like the F12berlinetta very much too!
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  17. Marcel Massini

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    So do I !

    Marcel Massini
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    Volkmar Spielmann
    So much better than the 812...
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    About the front grill. I feel like having it in that unusual structure is like they want us to get used to that look just because the future full electric Ferraris (if there will be?) will not need the grill.
    I don’t think they will keep it just for looks as it is not good for aerodynamics.
    Just my .02
    What do others think of it?

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    Oct 8, 2017
    Would love to see a photoshopped black version...
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  21. R J

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    May 17, 2017
    Great comparison. Thank you for putting the effort in to share this with us.
    Love that/the 812. Modern. Today. But not dissociative with the past. Roma is pretty.
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    Pedro Braga Soares
    Comparing the Roma with the 812 looks like the beauty and the is it possible that the same person who design such "a fine ass" (please excuse the expression) in the Roma also designed such a bad rear in the 812!?
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  23. furoni

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    Pedro Braga Soares
    Yes, the f12 is also a masterpiece!
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  24. ohno

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    Sep 10, 2009
    Well, the back of the 812 is not so beautiful like the back of the F12, but as every Ferrari the car has a strong presence in the reality like every model from the brand. Well the F12 is a real beauty, especially in darker colors (Canna di Fucile, Nero, Grigio Silverstone, Blu Scozia or Blu Pozzi).
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    Or Verde Seabird.

    Marcel Massini
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