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    I bought my 360 2 years ago at the age of 27. I live in Wisconsin and can recall each of the maybe 10 or less times I've seen a Ferrari on the road without being at an event. Only one of those was a 360 and that was in Elkhart Lake where exotics frequent. I know most people feel that the cars they grew up with were the best cars and I can't help but absolutely love the round styling that most cars had in the late 1990s and early 2000s. I think that the 360 is one of the best designed cars in that era. It is the car I think I'm going to keep forever. Between the carbon fiber seats, having damn near rubber bands for tires, and always being in sport mode, I find mine to be one of the most raw and engaging cars to drive, despite being F1. A lot of passengers think it is the most miserable car ever. To me, that is half the fun. Hell, I have left it in sport mode for all of my ownership except for 10 miles. The ease of DIY work on it (short of the F1, which I am working on getting access to) also makes it more enjoyable. Today's cars are way too computerized, way too comfortable, not quirky enough, and have less soul. I like getting a kidney punch everytime I do a redline shift. Driving 700 miles round trip to Minneapolis and back was one of the most miserable and greatest experiences I've ever had as a gearhead.

    Today they seem more like status symbols for Instagram followers than something people are passionate about. They are too computerized to work on in a dumpy garage with cheap tools like I enjoy doing. I do want to also get a car that is more tame and reliable but still fun and I think a Corvette will do just fine. I don't think a Ferrari should be those things. It should be rough. It should be quirky. It should be engaging at all times. It is those things that help build the passion. I think perhaps that feeling of passion is what the company has forgotten.
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    You guys are crazy. My 812 Superfast is unbelievable and has a nice naturally aspirated V12. Nothing else like it.
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    I am totally okay without worrying metals slamming hard together when downshifting too hard, but I know what you mean.

    Analog feel of steering. Only two I can think of - McLaren and Lotus for the main stream. Wanna try Bac Mono one day.
  4. I think that’s why the Ferrari experience can mean different things to different people.
    There is no universal Ferrari experience.

    As to Imahorse’s comments, I sometimes prepare the non-car people that come for a ride in my 360 by telling them that it may not be what they expect, it was a $160k car with 12 computers that was designed to feel and sound like driving a go-kart. It’s not a 2 seat Bentley.

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