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    This will later be compiled into a html site and hopefully an integrated part of FerrariChat and other car forums also. The goal of this faq is to relate computers to cars to help the non-computer literate understand the workings of a computer easier. Please feel free to add on to the post and I hope a moderator out there can integrate the stuff into the parent post of this thread as time goes by.

    1. My computer has a lot of pop-ups, what do I do?

    Go to , and download SpyBot 1.3 (or later) and update your definition files and search for spyware. Usually most pop-ups are due to extra stuff getting installed on your computer without your knowledge or just sneaky stuff people put in those EULA contracts.

    2. My computer is running kind of slow, what do I do?

    This is pretty hard to solve, it can range from a variety of things, the first thing to do is restart because it might be a crazy memory leak (like a oil leak which would result in your engine destroying itself, similair a computer would bring it's kernal to a halt and crash) or just something running in the background. We'll need more information like what kind of computer you have and so on.

    3. My computer is really loud, what do I do?

    Do you have an AMD processor? If so.. then you deserve it. If you have an Intel check to see that the front of the case nor the back of the case is blocked off without proper air ventilation.
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