Ferrarichat Lamborghini Section being Blocked by Interpol in AU.

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    I know the forum just went through an upgrade, but I had an Australian friend message me and inform me that the following is displayed when trying to access the forum, making me wonder how many other people are being blocked from the forum. I didn't see a forum section for forum issues, so I am posting this here. Mods feel free to move.

    EDIT: Also, said friend said the website is blocked on all platforms and computers he's tried to use.

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    Thanks .
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    Unrelated to FerrariChat or Lamborghini section, you can read the thread in Australia, their state run ISP is giving them problems and they haven't been able to resolve it yet. Nothing we can do on our side. Users there can access with different device or ISP. Interpol is a common malware screen, but almost all the users with that ISP are having the problem.
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    I have no issues.

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