Ferraris and women

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    the science behind the thread;action=Article.publicShow;ID=251;.html

    as a general rule, women prefer high status males and men prefer younger fertile women. I can reference about a zillion studies proving this theory true. Were it not so, none of us would exist as women past menopause have no chance of reproducing.
    Granted, in our evolutionary past we had life expectancies of 30, but much our evolutionary programming has stayed with us through the millenia.

    I'm not saying there aren't hot milfs or broke guys with drop dead beautiful women as mates, but these are the exceptions not the rule.
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    I would set her up with someone on FChat!! ;-)
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    Pano S.
    absolutely retarded.. if we are to believe the female orgasm is a physical response like the male orgasm (which women say it is) then it is 100% directly related to the physical act of intercourse..

    If this study is true then a female should be able to get close to orgasm while just looking at her husbands bank account...
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    Johnny S
    'younger' women equals big headaches man! find yourself a nice mature woman who has some life experiences and realizes there's more to life than just digging for gold :)
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    My Hero.........folks seem to have a hard time understanding the blessing of the "right one"....especially over time

    Oops, mine came back, but got mad, and now is gone again........

    It DOES get tricky when you have used up all the "forgiveness" though......LOL!

    "One 'oh cr@p' wipes out TEN 'attaboys'......:D :D :D

    brb...gotta go after her............

    *huffing and puffing*

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    +1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x the number of stars in the sky last night......sigh
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    The car has nothing to do with it, well, I got a kiss from a girl I let drive around the block...LOL!

    She was from out of town and missed the return route three times, lucky her friends waited for here's to "Katy"..

    Good driver, actually.......:)
  8. willcrook

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    Feb 3, 2009
    I've had problems with it before.

    I met a girl who I liked alot kept any signs of wealth hidden, she seemed keen for a couple of weeks then went cold.... when she heard about the Ferrari etc a miraculous interest sparked up again !

    I personally don't see the big deal with having a partner, if no one likes you for who you are then i'd prefer to just accept it and die alone.
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    Wait, you're saying that my girlfriend not knowing a Ferrari from a Fiat is a good thing? Ugh, oh well...
  10. willcrook

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    Feb 3, 2009
    It is isn't it?
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    Matt B
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    Well I think I will throw in my .02. Now that I've hit my 40's I can look back and know for sure what to look for in a good women and avoid the gold-diggers. First don't meet women you want to keep in bars or social events were they would be looking for guys with money. After years of shacking up with scanks I found in bars I found my wife in a bookstore. My friends with successful marriages have found their wives in grocery stores, the gym or church. Secondly, is the woman already has a solid career or business she built herself and wants to keep it your all set, especially if they already own their own house. This usually means woman in their thirties but I have seen a few in there twenties. Oh, and don't tell them about the Ferrari, Real Estate or anything else until you are sure about them. My wife was happy eating at low end burger joints and going to parks when I first met her. Did I mention that she is a hot Chinese girl? It's been 10 years of bliss ever since.

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    Oct 11, 2007
  14. Testacojones

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    If you want to meet a real woman that shares things in common with you, then go live your life and you'll run into her.
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    Jim Glickenhaus

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    rock bottom
    Preach on, brother!
  17. Terculees

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    Andrei C.

    Pictures. We demand them.
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    Hit that too. Dam.n the cost.

    What was it that Rodney Dangerfield said? The next time I think about getting married, I will walk up to a hot girl and give her a house.

    (Disclaimer-- been married 21 years to the same woman, but I understand the thought.)
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    What are all those women going to do as the result of the "declining" economy? Their meal tickets are rethinking their spending habits. Even good relationships will be strained. I am already getting flack.
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    Feb 1, 2007
    rock bottom
    The market will be flooded with late models, in need of major service ;)
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    Bronson G.
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    Double Ditto.

    I met my wife when I was poorly dressed, not dating, and not motivated in the slightest... to find someone. I was just living my life. I met her, we talked, and went to coffee a day later.

    I didn't even own a car. How's that for a gold digger?

    That was 12 years ago. Much has changed since then, except we are still together and still happy. Oh, and she's cute too (just in case she's reading this), and she loves cars, track days, racing, car clubs and driving in general. :)

    Charming, non-gold digging, extremely attractive girls are all over. Just stop looking for them... and do YOUR thing.

    You meet them when you least expect it.
  22. VIZSLA

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    You're never going to meet the right woman for you if you're pretending to be someone other than who you really are.
  23. SRT-10

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    Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread as it has truly produced some great laughs. Of course, it is mostly tongue-in-cheek, is in not? Because the simple and dumb truth is 99% of women are just looking for a decent guy, of somewhat equal intellect, which can carry their own weight in life. If they’re lucky enough to find such a guy they will tolerate all of our other sins, and mine has had to tolerate for 39 years (34 in marriage).

    In my mind, women are by far God’s greatest gift to the universe and no different now than they were 50 or 100 years ago. I have nine beautiful and talented nieces to prove this theory; unfortunely, out of two young sons, I have one that thinks like some of you.

    Women are a hell of a lot more loving, nurturing, forgiving, unselfish, loyal and faithful than the men I’ve know and competed with in life. So, guys take your pick (not my nieces) and when you find the right one, life will truly become a fun filled experience. Lastly, the article is true! When the right woman molds you into the success you will become……........…well, you know the rest. :)
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    May 15, 2008
    this thread is worthless without pics

    where are ur hot wife/girlfriend pics? hehe =)
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    Bronson G.
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    Well said SRT-10.

    Most level-headed women want a guy who has direction and is confident without being cocky, has a sense of humor, is dependable and trustworthy, and has at least a small sense of adventure. Looks are rarely at the top of the list (in fairness they are not at the very bottom either, but...), money is nice but not usually ever a deciding factor. They just hope you are close to solvent. More than anything they want a relationship with mutual respect, where you both put your love into it, and have faith in the other that it will be returned, which it is.

    And as for someone's pic request...well, I did accuse my wife of being cute so here goes...

    A low-res pic of my wife from a few years ago that my 'photo hobbyist' mother in-law took in her makeshift studio:
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