FLATOUTRACING's 355 Challenge for sale !!!

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    While the headers don't add a whole bunch of hp, the stock header design on the US spec 1995 355's (and I would assume the non-US cars) is terribly inefficient and prone to cracking. The cracking issue was so bad here in the US that Ferrari replaced them for up to 7 years on most cars. The headers are also so poorly designed that Ferrari North America refused to let their dealers attempt to weld them.

    Art Chambers on this site has a 96 355 and his mechanic re-welded his stock headers and did a couple of other things to them and Art got something on the order of 8-10 hp if I remember correctly.

    I am somewhat surprised that someone couldn't tune a Motec to get additional hp. A good Motec system properly installed and tuned is usually good for a 5-7% gain in most applications.

    On some of the older Porsche SuperCup cars that my friends race (964's, 993's) they saw hp gains of 12-25 hp.

    In any event most people doing track days aren't going to notice if the car has 390 hp, 400, or 410. I ran with the TAP chips for about a yer before I discovered they were actually losing me hp over the stock chips. TAP then sent out another chip and I am not sure I could tell the difference except for lap times (old TAP chip 298 vs. 323).

    If you have look through some of the archives on F Chat you will see that I am one of the most skeptical people when it comes to exhaust claims, chip claims and the like. Most claims are way off the chart.


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    fax me the information.
    My 355 Challenge is sold. I am getting another one from Europe.
    Can use yours and another one I know of to promote Challenge cars.

    For those that want a track worthy 355B but their wifes object to a full out Challenge car, I have one coming:

    1995 F355B yellow/black with a roll bar (rear) installed, 5-point harness in addition to the 3-point DOT, front Brembos. It is a compromise but may be just some track junkies alley.
    The car has 16K Miles and will have a fresh 30K done by us in Miami late Dec early Jan.
    asking $ 74,500


    Aug 20, 2001
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    Jon K.
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    Only an hour and 50 minutes left!

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