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    Apr 1, 2004
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    I've had a little question in my mind, but unfortunately must expose an embarrassing momentary lapse of intelligence on my part in order to get it answered. Not long ago I was preparing to take my 328 out of winter storage for its first run of the season. I didn't want to let it warm-up in the garage as I am somewhat averse to acute CO poisoning. As a result, I hopped in, and with my left leg out, manually wheeled the car backwards toward the driveway. At no more than 1 (yes one) MPH the car came to a crunching halt. Yep, you guessed it, the open door caught the garage door rail and jammed it.

    Aside from the paint missing on the leading edge and the 4" crease in the door skin, you would not know it was too badly damaged until you tried to close the wouldn't.

    Long story short, my little impact left the door itself buckled requiring well over $2500 in repairs which are underway. Is this kind of damage typical from such low energy impacts? If so, I better hope no one ever T-Bones me!
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    Matt F
    Low energy?

    How many pounds per square inch per second would you say you applied to that poor door?
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    CO poisioning seems to be underrated.


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    Apr 1, 2004
    As much as my left leg can muster against a 3K lb vehicle in a 10-foot distance. I am thankful that the door hit the rail rather than the solid wall structure as it bent and absorbed a good deal of the hit. You can see the offending rail in the last pic after I bent it back somehwat into shape.

    I guess the term "low energy" is somewhat subjective, but, aside from a sparrow flying blindly into the side of the car, my impact would come in a close second in mildness of severity.

    Mind you, none of this excuses my stupidity for allowing this to happen in the first place!
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    3,000 pounds times velocity=energy

    Energy/area on edge of door = compression force

    And lets assume the house didn't deflect any.

    End result= wallet $2,500 lighter
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    Mike Z
    Start the car with the garage door open!
    If you are paranoid, add a big box fan.
    CO poisoning is indeed a problem, but for just a 5 minute warm up, door open, VERY unlikely to be a problem.

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    Apr 1, 2004
    Normally thats what I would do, but that day there was a rather stiff wind blowing into the garage..I've backed considerable fumes into the garage, and attached building in the past when the wind blows.
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    US Army Surplus Gas Mask = $20.00

    I recently suffered damage from road debris hitting my 308...$10,000 (fully covered by insurance). But I have found that any damage caused by me, i.e. dropping the battery on the front fender, dropping keys on the rear lid, etc., is much more painful to deal with. Knowing that I caused it and could have/SHOULD have prevented it hurts.

    I feel your pain. But lessons learned make us better owners. I guarantee you won't do that again (expensive lesson). Does your insurance cover it?
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    Looks like you have a window in your garage. Open it and get cross ventilation. That should be more then sufficient in conjunction with an open garage door to vent the area rapidly.
  10. PMDDMD

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    Apr 1, 2004
    I agree that the self-inflicted damage hurts the most because it's usually 100% preventable. Looking back on my life I've always learned much more from my mistakes than successes. I'm sure it won't happen again, but if it does, I'll deserve what I get!

    I must say that I have always tried to learn from the mistakes of others and try to not commit them myself. The stories/advice given by others on this site have certainly saved me some heartache and $$ over time. Although this lesson cost me, I felt obliged to share it, as humbling as it may be.
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    Brian Crall
    Don't feel too bad . Many years ago I had a client with a Mercedes Gull Wing. You guessed already. Both doors were open when he backed out, what a mess. I took a panel beater a long time to make a new pair of doors and fix the roof structure.
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    Rob C.
    That really would have been a mess. What an awful mental picture.
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    Matt F
    Well said, Pete.
  14. Crawford

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    Crawford White
    I did the same thing years ago with my NSX. The edge of the door window hit the railing of the garage door. FORTUNATELY, the metal railing gave way and bent very nicely. The window was unscathed!
  15. Mario Gonzalez

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    Apr 13, 2004
    Out of my mind
  16. Ducman491

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    A friend of mine did that to his Oldsmobile once only that folded the door back to the fender. We were in high school and not really paying attention. I think if I did that to a Ferrari I would pull forward and close the door while I thought about what I had done.
  17. Artvonne

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    I dont know what the pounds of force would be, but if we consider it was rolling 3 mph, thats just over 2 feet per second. Thats over half the length of the door and stopping the car to a dead stop in one seconds time. If you think about it deeply for a bit you start to realise the inertia, and the physics involved, and you realise a sparrow hitting your car is many magnitudes less. As far as getting T-boned, you talking about coming at the door broadside, and spreading the weight over a very wide area. Of all the wrecks ive heard of or seen with Ferrari cars on the street, excepting the 348 in Rio, ive never heard of anyone being hurt. Actually, for what you did to your door, it and its hinges must be awfully stout. Most cars would have gave in and went into the body and done even more damage.
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    A guy once wrote to the Letters section of FORZA about his encounter with an 18 wheeler on the freeway. The rig sideswiped the 308/328 ( can't remember which, but they share the same architecture anyway..) and T-boned it for about a hundred feet or more. The 3X8 held fast, didn't buckle up but the tyres blew. Suffice to say he was pretty chuffed about the Ferrari's structural integrity and went on to say he'd be less than lucky if he took the Camry instead.
  19. Dr Tommy Cosgrove

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    The exact same thing happened to a friend of mine with his 308.
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    LOL Just don't forget to remove it before going for a drive.
  21. hardtop

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    There is reinforcement in the doors of US model 3X8's and, anecdotally at least, they hold up very well in crashes. I guess the engineers did not work on the problem of backing an open door into a stationary object.

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    Originally Posted by gilnsammy
    US Army Surplus Gas Mask = $20.00

    =Simon]LOL Just don't forget to remove it before going for a drive.[/QUOTE]

    Unless you're in Los Angeles!

  23. PMDDMD

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    Apr 1, 2004
    Interesting note..I noticed that my insurance rates for the 328 are pretty low, even for the full coverages most of us have. My agent said that most damage claims made for these types of autos are from "self-inflicted" causes often stemming from stupidity..not usually collisions with other vehicles.
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    ...unless you have the latex suit on as well ;) MARK

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    Just be glad you didn't back up your BMW SUV with the door open,It would have destroyed the rail ,and pulled out the side of the garage, and cost about
    $ 5000 to fix that mess, lucily the BMW would not have a scratch.
    Consider youself lucky to have messed up with the right car.

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