Forza 288 (New Forest Indy)

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Hannibal308, Oct 21, 2018.

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    I recently purchased a wonderful Vetroresina from Forza 288. I wanted to pass on how wonderful the proprietor, Dave Miller, was from start to finish. He met my daughter and I on a Saturday morning at the “Black Horse Barn” and showed us around the car, was never in a rush, and was completely honest in his presentation of the vehicle. He was very patient and helpful as I arranged for shipping to the USA and even went so far as to re-title the car in his name before shipping so that the title would match my bill of sale, something that would not have been necessary had he sold it to a “Local”. Bottom line is, I would highly recommend Forza 288 for an honest Ferrari buying experience.

    I include this 2005 quote from another buyer as well. I found this before dealing with Dave at Forza 288. I do not think there are any negatives on Ferrarichat. I echo the sentiments below.

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    Good to hear a happy story about a Ferrari dealer - so often we hear tales of woe.
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    Robert Westall
    If the car is black, I used to own it. SYE. Great car. PM me!
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    Geoff Lowe
    I bought my first 328 GTS from Dave, great bloke and cars are always mint!
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    I bought my 355 from Dave... top bloke and I would also highly recommend
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