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Discussion in 'Louisiana' started by someday, Oct 14, 2016.

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    Does this wonderful even not exist any longer?
    Or is it more of a private thing?

    We were just talking about the previous years, even the one at NOLA Motorsports Park and were wondering if this still takes place.
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    David Castelhano
    It is my understanding that the Classic was by and large organized by Franco Valobra, a long time Ferrarisiti and New Orleans resident. Since Katrina he spends most of his time in Houston and host an event there.
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    Katrina put the kibosh on the FFQC. I believe John Houghtaling brought it back a time or two, but haven't heard anything since. I'm guessing it has morphed into the Challenge racing series John put together.
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    John Houghtaling III is the person to ask, and correct ,Franco Valobra (Valobra Jewelers, Houston) could also answer the question.

    I will ask next month at the Highland Village Ferrari Festival (the Houston event)..

    I think they have had two, since Katrina???

    It of course was "private" in that you had to enroll, pay the fee and participate.
    But the showing of the cars was always a public event.

    It was also limited to 200 cars, as that was linked to the Parade Permit for Sunday, and the expense of the police escort I would imagine...
    At one point they closed I10 for us, and the Saints were playing at home!

    John III and Franco are amazing people, in my mind.
    John Suarez here is also very much involved.....
  5. Matt LaMotte

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    Oct 30, 2002
    The best event I have ever been to by far. Too bad it's no longer.

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