Fuchs VS. Tubi mufflers??

Discussion in '456/550/575' started by F456M, Nov 20, 2019.

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    Hi guys.

    I am curious to know if anyone here have made a comparison between Fuchs mufflers with or without valves and Tubi mufflers? I have a friend with a 550 without catalyzers and just two Tubi rear mufflers with no valves and that car sounds quite fantastic on lower cruising rpms.. It seems like all cars where the pulses from the engine reach all the way out to the rear tail pipes sound quite good. I can buy a pair of valved Fuchs mufflers but I am not sure about the result. I don’t want to spend more money on things that don’t work well. I had non valved Fuchs mufflers on my 456M for a week without catalyzers and that was loud as hell and not a good sound. So these Tubi mufflers that my friend has must have quite a lot of muffling in them... I really like the idea of going silent so valves are a big plus for me. But then when they are open, it must be possible to go fast without frightening other cars so they call the police etc.... And it must be no drone in the car. The Capristo mufflers I had before in combination with both standard and Hyperflow cats gave a TERRIBLE drone. Sometimes I wonder if those mufflers had a problem/fail build into them... my car sounds great between 2.300 and 2.600 rpm. Then you hear the real V12 sound, but it is a too much muted. I want this to be all over the rev from 1500 allt the way to red line. My buddy have a 6,0 l Diablo and the engine and exhaust and also inlet manifold is very very similsr. It sound sooo good. It is like music. Why does my 550 not have that kind of sound? The 6,0 have 2x 3-1 headers and they mix into one tailpipes for each bank out the rear (same as a Murcielago). When looking at cars which sounds great, it appear that they do have a muffler. But what happens inside them is impossible to find out. And no one actually can explain why the sound is so good on some cars. I am considdering taking off the Hyperflow cats and run straight pipes instead. All the cars from the 60-ies, 70-use and many 80-ies cars sound great without catalyzers.

    Anyone remember who sells these «thermo couple ECU bypass» plugs that you put in the wiring to fool the TCU? I don’t want to have a Slow Down. And I don’t have it now either. So the engine is in perfect working condition. It just doesn’t sound like a 200.000+ dollar car!!

    Erik :)
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