Fuel system starvation???

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by docweed, Mar 27, 2005.

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    Dec 8, 2004
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    Chuck Stewart
    When I accelerate my 79 308 it will only rap up to 6000 rpm's then when I back off and accelerate again it seems to die out as if were out of fuel. I'm assuming that there is insufficient fuel being supplied the the carbs. which would suggest a weak fuel pump or clogged filter. What is the best way to approach this dilemma and where are the calprit parts located? I have no owner's/shop manual yet. What s/b the out put pressure? ( 5-6lbs in my 911). Is there anyother possible factors involved? The car seems to run OK under moderate accelertation but I didn't buy a Ferrari to go moderately fast...right?
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    Verell Boaen
    You'll find this web site useful:
    Steve J enkins Private ;) Document collection containing:

    Ferrari 308 Docs
    Ferrari 308 Spare Parts Catalog (4.3 MB)
    Ferrari 308QV Owners Manual (Euro) (4.7 MB)
    Ferrari 308QV / 328 Workshop Manual (7.4 MB)
    Ferrari 308GT4 Workshop Manual (7.3 MB)

    Along with some other useful documents.

    The 308 parts manual shows the fuel pump & fuel filter location.

    The 308GT4 was very very close to the carb'd 308s, so it's shop manual will help you a lot.

    You can download a PDF of your car's owner's manual from your car from the Ferrari Owner's Site:

    You'll have to register, get a PIN, & sign in. Then click on [Car Manuals]
    that will give you a menu to select your car from.

    This same site is the way you access's online parts catalogs & ordering system.
    Click on :
    [Spare Parts]
    then click on:
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    Definitely the classic fuel starvation symptoms. If it's not your filter and it's in the fuel line, I'd replace all of it; I had to do this in my Lotus and it wasn't fun but a DIY for sure. You can clamp the lines so you don't have to empty the tanks.

    I found that the T junction is where clogs tend to occur; if you have any like mine then replace them. BTW, mine were plastic which will eventually crack due to gas addatives; I have no idea about Ferraris but if you have those too then replace them with brass!

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    Chuck Stewart
    Thanks guys your help is always appreciated.

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