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    Most people who have been on social media recently may have seen the full carbon Enzo. This particular was recently seen in and around London, mainly at the dealer Joe Macari. The Enzo is #136088 and was for sale with Joe Macari in late 2016. An instagram user @antares.draco, recently teased this image of a full carbon LaFerrari. It is currently on his instagram story.

    Together, we did some digging and firstly found this car:
    If you look at the top it says 'Multiple Owners' and if you press on that both are spanish so i would only presume that this car is located in Spain.

    We did some more searching and found this pictures an found this particular car on pinterest:
    He told me that the particular car was an chinese based car and he sent me another picture.

    There were differences in the specs such as the chinese car having black centre caps and calipers where as the the spanish one has yellow centre locks and red calipers. Futhermore, the chinese car has no ferrari side badges and the spanish car has some striping at the back.

    We have concluded that there are two different carbon LaFerraris. If you know anymore please feel free to reply and tell me what you know.
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    The last three photos are excellent photoshop!

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