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Discussion in '360/430' started by one4torque, Dec 25, 2019.

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    Did a little data gathering on intake temps of various components with engine warmed up at idle here's what I found:

    Stock Muffler - I was planning to put an insultating shield between the muffler and the air box.... but I was surprised to find the muffler is cooler than the intake housing. Appears the heat is coming from below from the cat converters.

    air box temps:158 (read on bottom and sides) the temps seemed to equalize across entire air box... suspect it's al?

    muffler stock: 109 (the stock insulation does a good job)

    rear cat pipe: 472

    I tested putting a pc of summit ins matt in between cat and bottom of air box..... 10 deg F drop.... prob not worth it.

    My quick analysis suggest you could plumb a cold air intake pipe INSIDE the stock 160 Deg F stock air box.... to feed ambient air to the MAS. Or perhaps the heat tranfser in the metal 160 deg F air box is of no effect.

    Any folks do any data gathering on intake temp mods?
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