FYI: Redtop Optima battery for Testarossa

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by Tifoso1, Mar 29, 2005.

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    Okay, finally got everything figured out now. Here is the deal:

    - The 75/35 are no more, they are now called 75/25, which has both top and side terminals.
    - Group 25 and Group 35 are identical batteries except for the terminal posts. When facing the battery, the 25 is of conventional posting with the (+) on the left. The 35 is "reversed", with the (+) on the right.
    - The 75/35, 25 and 35 are of the medium-small batteries, and they are the most compact and the lightest in weight. They have CCA of 720.
    - 78/34, 34 and the 34R are of the medium size batteries, are about 6 lbs heavier with slightly larger dimensions than the medium-small batteries. The 78/34 has both top and side terminals, as the 34 and 34R are top terminal only. They have CCA of 800.
    - 34 is the conventional posting with the (+) on the left, and 34R is of the "reversed" terminal, with the (+) on the right.

    All of these batteries easily mets the CCA requirements of the car, and should all fit into the battery compartment and be secured by the factory brace. Keep in mind, only two of them (34R and 35) are of the reverse terminals, which can make a huge difference if the length of the cables are limited. Also, I find that the 35 is a easier fit than the 34, as it is more compact in size.

    And thus ends my quest for a replacement battery.

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