Gandini talks about the GT4 (briefly)

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    About a minute into this interview you hear Gandini talk briefly about how the GT4 project came about. It's a bit short and not very revealing, but the rest is tremendous. He describes design processes behind the Miura, Diablo, Stratos. It makes me wonder what Fioravanti lost along the GTB/GTS production journey. At least he kept the black pillars on the GTS, something Gandini says was lost to costs on the Stratos.

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    cool interview
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    Mark Jacks
    Great find, Paul!
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    At about 12:00 mins in, it is interesting to hear about the design compromises he had to make for the various cars such as using “parts bin” parts or that it “cost too much” to paint the A pillars black on the Lancia Stratos (a la 308).

    Overall, a fascinating interview. Thank you for posting it.
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