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    I have had my Ghibli GT for 12 years now. Last year I started some overdue maintenance. It had a leaking water pump, the timing belt was due, the steering rack leaked and I needed to replace some of the steering joints. There were some issues with it being stored, when I was overseas for 5 years where it was not driven. In this time it became a holiday house for some rats. They chewed through some wiring and made it into the A/C inside the cabin. I needed to replace the blower motor. I put a new exhaust on. Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login It has a leaking diff which is next on the list.

    The replacement of the water pump and timing belt and pulley bearings was done in my spare time, which turned out to be quite a few months (double digits). I had disconnected all the ignition leads as I needed to remove the plenum to get to the starter motor as well.

    I did not mark the ignition leads when disconnecting from the firewall. Does anyone know what the sequence is for the correct order for the leads?
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    My engine is apart and out of my car which is at a remote location. But I think if you try and contact the guys at Bill McGrath's they might be willing to help yopu out. They work on these all the time and ... they speak english!

    I did this a couple of times several years ago for more than a few more complex issues. It also might be found in the service manual which is available on the french quattroporte website.

    Sorry that I just don't remember ... :(

    And make sure you put the steering wheel back where it belongs on the LH side ... :p
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    Peter Nemeth
    If you can't find the info in the manual I can check this over the weekend if still needed.

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