Glickenhaus' SCGs

Discussion in 'Special Projects & Concept Cars' started by Igor Ound, Jul 18, 2018.

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    What a great video!

    What's interesting is he explains a bit about the styling of the cars. Some have criticized them as being "retro" and stealing from the past. But the US regulations REQUIRE him to do so because the odd ball law he's under was set up really for replicars and not totally new designs.

    Good to see Jim here just being himself. He's a funny guy.
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    SGC says all five of its two-door Boots for this year are already sold out, ..... Once the two-door models are set, a four-door version of the Boot will follow for 2021.

    so many completely different projects going at once, it's crazy, but, he's getting it done.
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    Very impressed and love what he is doing.
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