Glickenhaus' SCGs

Discussion in 'Special Projects & Concept Cars' started by Igor Ound, Jul 18, 2018.

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    Was just expecting more after reading your initial post. And thanks for the “salty character”.
    I’ll be impressed when Jim enters the Le Mans 24 as he’s been promising for ever and he finishes that.
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    Yes the lt5 is the pinnacle of supercharged engines. Pinnacle of compromised engines. Supercharged and pushrod.

    To call the boot stock and "streetable" when it's not even a production car is going out on a limb
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    [QUOTE="technom3, post:
    "To call the boot stock and "streetable" when it's not even a production car is going out on a limb"

    Totally cool and honorable Technom3 to throw a compliment to the company on 004. Being privy to some of the development I can tell you it will be an impressive car built first to race and second to be fully homologated.

    I think you can call the Boot "streetable." The Glickenhaus team literally drove the car home after the Baja, on NY plates. I'm not sure you can call it anything but "streetable." As for calling them "production" cars, well the first Boots was built before the one that raced and another 25 are literally in production for next year with bolt on parts separating the Baja from the first one and the ones the customers are buying. (By contrast the Bronco it was competing against was nothing like the car they will sell. )

    I don't know a founder in history with his name on the back of a car who is loved by everyone in period. But it's hard to be a Motorsports fan and not be impressed with what Jim Glickenhaus is doing with SCG. He's endeavoring to build a new sportcar company by racing first, and in cars that can be driven to and from the racetrack. This is something that hasn't been done by anyone in a long, long time, and may never be done again. I'm willing to bet he will line up on the grid at LeMans attempting to win in a car bearing his name. Seriously, what about this is not to be admired even by his most hardened critics? Bask in the glory of witnessing history, because this is it. And if he goes literally down in flames, be thankful someone is paying to put on the show.

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    I keep wondering what's happened to the SCG 003s, where are the customer cars? Are they actually going to make any? I'm sure they were meant to be in production by now. I fear they won't ever happen, as buyers wont want them, when the SCG007 road car is available. I hope im wrong but why would some one take delivery of or place an order for an old outdated model when it's already been superseded??

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