Going to the F1 Race at Sazuka. Need advice.

Discussion in 'Asia' started by senna21, Jul 28, 2004.

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    Jul 2, 2004
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    Charles W
    Ok, I and a friend are going to the Formula 1 race this year at Sazuka. We'll be flying in from Los Angeles, CA (USA) to Tokyo. It will be the first trip to Japan for both of us. My brother had worked there teaching English after college and will be giving us some pointers and advice. But, I'd like to get as much advice and information as possible.

    We've already purchased tickets, for the grandstand at the chicane just before the pit entrance. Please tell me this was a good choice! We figured that it’s the usual overtaking spot. Shows the cars breaking (the most impressive thing about an F1 car) heavier than anywhere else and is in view of a Jumbo-Tron. Are we correct in our assumptions?

    Most hotels are already sold out in Sazuka so we’ll need to book those someplace else as well. Any suggestions?

    All advice would be welcome. Also, is anyone else here going?

    Thanks in advance!

    Charles Wells
    (aka Senna21)
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