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    Aug 3, 2016
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    Dear Friends,
    I have just bought Ferrari GT 365 2+2 chassis/engine # 11603gt

    The car was delivered from Modena in June 1968 to Jacques Swaters' Garage Francorchamps in Bruxelles. It was sold to his friend Mr Georges Marquet .

    This makes George Marquet the 1st owner of this always loved vehicle with the original 87600 km on the odometer.

    Can anyone here apart from Mr. Marcel Massini who has already given me his full report about the car, tell me anything about Mr. George Marquet, who from what I know was himself a racing driver and also had his own racing team : Team George Marquet. ? If maybe some of you have pictures of Mr. George Marquet, I would appreciate it . If needed my email is

    Thank you

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